Ricotta and fig mousse with balsamic vinegar caramel

Ricotta and fig mousse with balsamic vinegar caramel Preparing the ricotta and fig mousse cake with balsamic vinegar caramel is very simple. The only secret is to use a top-quality ricotta.The ricotta mousse is distinguished from other cakes by its delicate flavor and texture. It can be combined with almost any fruit, not only with figs.The cake…

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Gragnano calamari-shaped pasta, with marinated fresh tuna, olives crumbs, and fresh tomatoes

Gragnano calamari-shaped pasta is perfect for certain dishes.  Its grooved texture helps absorb the sauce. Its thickness is perfect for cooking until the sauce is creamy. The space inside the calamari lets in the sauce and other delicious food. With every bite, you celebrate the flavours. The following recipe pairs this pasta with a delicious sauce…

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Gragnano fusilloni with ricotta, taralli, and dried tomatoes

Gragnano fusilloni with ricotta, taralli and dried tomatoes is such a tasty recipe that after you have tried it you won’t want to wait to prepare it again. It is typical in Puglia (and other areas in the South) to sprinkle crispy taralli breadcrumbs on top of the dish before serving. Using the amazing Gragnano pasta…

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Baked Bolognese rice cake

Baked Bolognese rice cake The  “baked Bolognese rice cake” (also called “decorations cake”) is a typical sweet belonging to the culinary tradition of Bologna. It was prepared during the “Feast of decorations”, a festival established in occasion of the tenth anniversary of a parish. The name derives from the custom families had of hanging colored…

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Aubergine and provolone croquettes

  There are thousands of classic Italian recipes. Some are known throughout the country, like lasagna, aubergine parmesan, and pizza. Others are more region specific, the kind we grew up with. The recipe for this week is aubergines croquettes, a dish passed down from my aunt. Crispy outside and soft inside, they combine the savoury…

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Lemon Custard Strawberry Tart

“La crostata” is a traditional Italian cake. It is made by assembling a fragrant crust with pastry cream and fresh fruits. This tart is simple and versatile, so you can use other fresh seasonal fruits instead of strawberries. There is another version made with the same crust and marmalade. Plenty of recipes exist, but this…

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Avocado, cucumber, and salmon salad

Summer is the perfect season to visit your local farmers’ market. You’ll find juicy tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, and—of course—tons of cucumbers. If you are inspired by the piles of colorful vegetables, you will find some ways to make the most of summer’s finest fruits and greens. Last week we visited the local market and found…

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Parmigiana with Red Pesto

This week you will find a traditional Italian vegetarian recipe made simple thanks to red pesto. Summertime offers a variety of fresh vegetables, like courgettes and aubergines. Since they are versatile, you can decide to prepare your parmigiana with just one of them or both. You will find this recipe an healthy and light dish but…

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