Salmon with balsamic vinegar and rosemary

Salmon with balsamic vinegar and rosemary Salmon with balsamic vinegar and rosemary is a triumph of simplicity and flavour. You will love it and cook it many times. The taste of the balsamic vinegar, together with rosemary and lemon peel will remain persistent even after eating. It is an easy recipe but guaranteed to be…

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Strozzapreti alla cenere

Strozzapreti alla cenere In this recipe, the olive crumbs look like ashes and give the recipe its name.  The gorgonzola makes the sauce extremely rich, tangy, and creamy.  It takes only 10 minutes and just a few ingredients to prepare.  Coloured pasta shapes such as strozzapreti are perfect for this sauce. You can prepare your…

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Lentils with cauliflower, peppers, black olives, and balsamic vinegar sauce

Lentils with cauliflower, red peppers, black olives and balsamic vinegar sauce Lentils with cauliflower, red peppers, black olives, and balsamic vinegar sauce is a healthy and versatile dish. You can use fresh vegetables, but the dish is also delicious using high-quality ready-to-use vegetables.  The secret is the sauce: intense and fragrant thanks to the balsamic…

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Pan roasted cod with green olives

Pan roasted cod with green olives This recipe is amazingly simple and delicious. It takes just 15 minutes to prepare, and is as easy to make it as it is to say it. The delicate taste of cod perfectly pairs with the intense flavor of olives.  Make sure to buy very good and flavorful olives,…

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Tortine Paradiso – Paradise cupcakes

Tortine Paradiso – Paradise cupcakes The original recipe of Torta Paradiso dates back to the nineteenth century. It was Enrico Vignoni — a pastry chef from Pavia — who invented this dessert. The cake was so delicious that noblewomen from Pavia called it “paradise”, and the name has stuck ever since. While scrumptious, the paradise…

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Orata all’acqua pazza – sea bream in “crazy water”

Orata all’acqua pazza – sea bream in “crazy water” The “sea bream in crazy water” is a classic fish recipe. It is also light and very easy to prepare. “Acqua pazza” means crazy water in Italian. Acqua pazza is used in Italian cuisine to refer to a recipe for poached white fish, or to refer to…

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Squash gnocchi with butter and sage

Squash gnocchi with butter and sage Here in Italy, it is very easy to find squash, especially in autumn but even now during winter. So, when shopping in the markets, delicious squash recipes always come to mind. This week’s recipe is one of the best and is also easy to prepare. Adding two small potatoes give the…

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Cacciucco di ceci – chickpea and chard stew

Cacciucco di ceci – chickpea and chard stew The “cacciucco” of chickpeas is an ancient Tuscan recipe. In Tuscan dialect “cacciucco” means mixture. This particular recipe is a mixture of chickpeas, chard, potatoes, and tomato. The result is a savoury vegetable stew – a perfect comfort food – that can be served as a single…

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Tuscan style bean soup

After gorging ourselves a bit too much during the Christmas holidays, it is time to detox. Nothing is better for this than a great soup. In Italy, this means a bean soup! Let’s choose our ingredients; in winter the best fresh vegetables are greens such as kale, cabbage, spinach, and cauliflower, along with potatoes of…

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Roast braised in white wine

Roast braised in white wine Nothing says “holiday dinner” like a juicy, tender, and aromatic roast. This week’s recipe is a classic Italian roast invented by Anna Moroni. Born in Rome, she was for many years known for her frequent appearances as a chef on national television. The recipe is simple to prepare, requiring only…

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