Rigatoni with sage pesto and tomato

Rigatoni with sage pesto and tomato Loading… If you like the aroma of fresh herbs and want an original first course, this recipe is for you. In a few minutes and with some special ingredients you can make a delicious and unique pasta dish. Ingredients for 4 portions pasta 320 gr (rigatoni or other shapes)…

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Baked aubergines with tomato and cheese

Baked aubergines with tomato and cheese is an easy and satisfying vegetarian second course. Loading… Aubergines together with quality extra virgin olive, basil, melted cheese, and peeled tomatoes create a mouth-watering mix of flavours. While they cook they will fill the kitchen with an irresistible aroma.  (Open the windows and you can share it with…

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Roasted peppers salad with rocket and balsamic vinegar

Roasted peppers salad with rocket and balsamic vinegar Loading… The Roasted peppers salad with rocket and balsamic vinegar has a fresh flavor that you will love from the first taste; you will want to make it over and over and try variations. It is a last-minute recipe made extra special with a few drops of…

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Savory pie with ricotta and artichokes

Savory pie with ricotta and artichokes Loading… This savory pie with ricotta and artichokes is the right recipe for all the times when you want something delicious ready in a short time. It is suitable for both lunch and dinner, and makes a complete meal when accompanied by some fresh vegetables such as cherry tomatoes,…

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Pasta “crudaiola” Gusto style

Pasta alla “crudaiola” Gusto style Loading… Pasta alla “crudaiola” Gusto style is easy, quick, healthy, and surprisingly delicious. The fresh flavours of the uncooked greens and tomatoes are made vibrant by the zing of raw garlic and the tang of the Parmigiano cheese. There are many versions of the “crudaiola” sauce, this one is Franco’s variant.…

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Baked asparagus Milanese style

Baked asparagus Milanese style Loading… Baked asparagus Milanese style is a classic Italian recipe, prepared with asparagus and eggs. We cook the asparagus in the oven, which makes them crunchy outside, but juicy and tender inside. Eggs add a delicate flavor that also transforms this simple dish into a main course. Ingredients for 2 people…

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Vegetable Stuffed Courgettes

Vegetable Stuffed Courgettes Loading… Stuffed with a hearty mix of vegetables, these courgettes are a delicious alternative to classic meat stuffed courgettes, and are suitable both as an appetizer and as a second course. Ingredients for 2 people Courgettes 3 Stale bread 50 gr Egg 1 Large ripe tomatoes 1 (or dried tomatoes 40 gr)…

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Jam tart with soft yogurt and olive oil crust

Jam tart with soft yogurt and olive oil crust. Loading… Jam tart with soft yoghurt and olive oil crust. This simple and fragrant dessert is perfect for Easter that will leave your family asking for second helpings. The tangy yoghurt in the crust complements the fresh jam-based filling to produce a mouth-watering experience. Jam tart…

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Pasta with cod, white wine and tomato sauce

Pasta with cod, white wine and tomato sauce Loading… You will fall in love with this recipe starting from the first bite. This pasta is a quick and easy seafood dish you can prepare with few quality ingredients. Ingredients for 2 people Pasta 250 gr (we used linguine, spaghetti is also fine) Cod fillets (fresh…

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Pasta “alla Vesuviana”

Pasta “alla Vesuviana” Loading… Pasta “alla Vesuviana” is a delicious first course that is quick and easy to prepare! With a spicy combination of flavours, this original pasta is also ideal to amaze friends at dinner since it reunites all the flavours of Southern Italy. Ingredients for 4 people Pasta 400 gr. Cherry tomatoes or…

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