Aubergine sauce

Aubergine sauce Loading… As summer approaches, it is impossible to resist the temptation to prepare some recipes with aubergines. Baked aubergines blended with almonds and basil give life to a perfect sauce, not only to season pasta, but also as a topping for bruschetta and a spread for sandwiches. – Ingredients for 600 gr of…

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Pasta with Vegetable Pesto

Pasta with Vegetable Pesto Loading… Pasta with vegetable pesto is a light, tasty and perfect first course for everyone, especially those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Ingredients for 4 people Pasta 320 gr Courgettes 2 Carrots 2 small (or 1 if large) About half a leek Red pepper ½ Basil 10 leaves Pine nuts…

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Savoy cabbage, mushroom and potato rolls

Savoy cabbage, mushroom and potato rolls Loading… Do you want to delight your guests with something original? Then you must try these cabbage rolls with mushrooms and potatoes! You can prepare them and serve as an appetizer or as a vegetable dish. Ingredients Savoy cabbage 10 large leaves fresh mushrooms 300 gr (the weight corresponds…

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Squash and cannellini beans pie

Squash and cannellini beans pie Loading… This recipe is a new idea for a delicious, healthy and balanced lunch or dinner. Ingredients for 4 people: Squash cooked and pureed 400 gr. (or 500 gr if weighed raw). cooked cannellini beans 300 gr. Medium 3 eggs Grated Grana Padano or Parmesan cheese 100gr. Grated bread 3…

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Rustic pie with savoy cabbage and potatoes

Rustic pie with savoy cabbage and potatoes Loading… If you are tired of the usual dishes, you can try this cabbage and potato pie. A crunchy shell with a savoury filling is quickly prepared and is an excellent idea for a healthy and tasty dinner. Rustic pie with savoy cabbage and potatoes Portions: serves 4…

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Chocolate mascarpone cake

Chocolate mascarpone cake Loading… This velvety, intense cake is perfect for special occasions (like St. Valentine’s day). Easy to prepare, you will fall in love at your first bite. Ingredients for the cake: Mascarpone 250 gr. dark chocolate (possibly 65-70%) 200 gr. icing sugar 80 gr. flour 40 gr. eggs 4 salt a pinch Ingredients…

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Tuscan kale pesto

Tuscan kale pesto Loading… Tuscan kale (called “cavolo nero,” or black cabbage, in Italy) pesto is a winter variant of the traditional pesto.  This super-quick recipe is really fantastic and can be used as a sauce for pasta, as a bruschetta topping, or a dip for taralli, crackers, or breadsticks. Pasta with black cabbage pesto…

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Rainbow trout fillets with lemon and gin

Rainbow trout fillets with lemon and gin Loading… Rainbow trout fillets with lemon and gin are delicious and easy to prepare as a second course. The fillets are marinated in oil and lemon juice for about two hours, then sautéed in a pan for just a few minutes and flamed with gin. The result is…

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Chicken alla cacciatora

Chicken alla cacciatora (cacciatore style). Loading… Very easy and delicious, the recipe of chicken “alla cacciatora” is perfect both for lunch and for dinner, and can be prepared in a short time. Ingredients carrot 1 onion half chicken breast 500 gr flour 1 tbsp black pitted olives 90 gr white wine 1 glass cherry tomatoes…

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Sea bream with fresh ginger and cherry tomatoes

Sea bream with fresh ginger and cherry tomatoes Loading… Here is a fish recipe with a delicate flavour and excellent nutritional properties. Ginger and pine nuts make a great combination that will amaze you. Ingredients for 2 servings Sea bream fillet 400 gr. (or other fish such as fresh cod fillet or sea bass fillet)…

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