Basil: The Undisputed King of Herbs
Basil: The Undisputed King of Herbs

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Do you wonder why basil is called the king of herbs? What are its characteristics and where is it used in Italian cooking?

  • That title was given by the Romans to this lovely herb because they believed it to be very powerful against dragon bites. Of course, we don’t have dragons anymore…. But still, it is considered king of herbs because of its rich, delicious flavor. That’s why it is present in a lot of Italian dishes.
  • There are many varieties of basil but the ones that are most common are Italian or sweet, Thai, etc.
  • The Italian variety has a mild and sweet taste but that evaporates quickly when subjected to heat. This is why you should only put basil just when you are about to finish cooking. Otherwise, it will lose much of its flavor and aroma.
  • Basil is used in a huge variety of Italian dishes. But of course, when there’s basil, pesto is not far behind. It is, perhaps, the most famous pasta sauce that uses basil as a primary ingredient. When fresh, basil gives a sweet and minty aroma to salads, baked chicken, fish or lamb. It can enhance the flavor and aroma of vegetable dishes too. Sprinkle some on top of baked potatoes and you’ll see what I mean. And of course, basil is famous for the magic it can do to tomato sauces.

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