Here it is your delicious Antipasto Ready!! Buon Appetito.

Even though I know that to find freshly sliced Bresaola in Ireland could be challenging, I promise the research will be worth it.

In fact, if you have an upcoming lunch or dinner with special guests – maybe your boss, a business associate or a special someone, of course, you want to impress them with your culinary powers. You can go for this unique antipasto that will tickle their taste buds in preparation for the mouthwatering dishes that you have in mind.

Let your guests feast their senses on the sight, smell and taste of Bresaola, an Italian delicacy that is known for its tender texture, unique taste and musty aroma. This purplish- colored beef gets its one-of-a-kind characteristics from a careful salt-curing and air-drying process. This delectable meat product has its origins from a region in Northern Italy called Valtellina Valley. And don’t worry if you or your guest is on a diet because it is probably one of the leanest, fat-free dishes available today.

Is it expensive? Even though the price per kilo could be high, 30gr of paper-thin slices of this tasty meat is enough to satisfy a person.

Uses of Bresaola

Generally, bresaola is sliced into paper-thin slices and enjoyed as it is. Or, you can follow this simple recipe that I enjoy every now and then:

Bresaola also goes well with red wine, olives and bread.

Now, if you really want to splurge, you can visit an elite pizzeria and choose bresaola as a topping along with other ingredients.

If You Are Wondering How Bresaola is Made

And as I’ve always mentioned in all of my articles, authentic Italian food like Bresaola will only taste its best when prepared with the best ingredients, used by the most skillful hands. Getting superior quality of Bresaola starts with choosing top class beef cuts like eye of round. Other lean cuts can be used but all visible fat must be removed, otherwise, the taste and texture will be affected.

Once all fats are removed, coarse salt and different seasonings are rubbed thoroughly onto the meat. The usual herbs and spices used in the curing process are thyme, oregano, nutmeg, juniper, rosemary and so on, depending upon the taste of the person crafting the bresaola. After this, it is cleaned and hung for air-drying for a period of 2-3 months, according to the size of the meat. During the process, the meat loses as much as 40% of its water content.

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