Fresh Orecchiette

One of our readers wants to learn more about brown pasta and if it’s better to use fresh pasta or dried.

My first part answer is this:

Brown pasta has this color because it does not undergo more processing than the white variety. This means it retains more of its natural flavours and nutrients, like all the part of fibres that durum wheat grain naturally contains. For this reason, it is believed to be healthier. Think of brown rice and brown sugar – both of these are believed healthier than their refined counterparts.

The negative aspect of brown pasta is that it is not as tasty as the white one because it tastes rougher  in the mouth.

You can try our wholewheat pasta here which our regular customers who buy our brown pasta affirmed a few times that it is the best that they’ve ever tasted here in Ireland 🙂

Second part of the answer…Better fresh or dried?

Fresh Orecchiette

Fresh Orecchiette

This answer applies to both white and brown pasta.

This, for me, is a more difficult question because it depends on your taste. If I have to choose, I will go with fresh but only if it is made at home and with the right wheat. If not, I’ll prefer dried pasta made only with durum wheat, trough a bronze die and slowly dried. In Italy the pasta is made only with Durum wheat, which makes the choice a little bit easier. The pasta made of durum wheat, if cooked properly , will never be gluey. The bronze die will make the surface of the pasta rougher and for this reason, it will absorb the sauce more easily. The slow drying process will allow  the pasta to cook  longer without breaking or overcooking.

I would suggest that you try to make your own pasta if you can. It’s a fun activity if shared with children or try different dried ones to find your favourite one.

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