In one of my recent trips to my hometown Martina Franca, my brother was there too.

He is an exceptional cook himself. And because I had some pasta samples from our new Pasta supplier from Gragnano, he bought some fresh seafood and made Calamari Seafood Pasta, an easy and delicious recipe.

Calamari Seafood Pasta

Ingredients for 4 people

400 gr Calamari Pasta

300 gr Calamari seafood

8 king prawns

4/5 tbs Extra virgin olive oil




Salt and Pepper to taste


Boil 4 lt of water. Put 30 gr of salt when the water starts to boil.

Meanwhile, prepare your garlic, chilli and parsley.

calamari seafood pasta 01

In a large pan, heat the oil with the garlic.

calamari seafood pasta 02

When the garlic starts to change color, add the seafood.

calamari seafood pasta 05

While the seafood is cooking, pour the pasta into the rumbling water. It will take 10 min for the pasta to be al dente. Use some pasta water to finish cooking the seafood.calamari seafood pasta 06

Drain the pasta and add it to the seafood. Add the parsley, stir everything together for 2 more minutes.calamari seafood pasta 07

Serve and enjoy.calamari seafood pasta 09


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