Cantuccini are typical Tuscan cookies. They are made from dough and cooked like a finger roll. They are unique because they are double cooked, first, in the shape of the finger roll and then they are put back in the oven for toasting.

Cantuccini are usually served by dunking in the famous Tuscan Vin Santo, a fortified and very fragrant wine that softens the cantuccini themselves.

How to Cook Cantuccini



190 gr Sugar granulated

1 pinch Salt

3 gr Baking powder

50g Butter

125 gr Unpeeled almonds

300 gr Plain Flour

2 Medium-sized eggs

1 yolk


You can also store the cantuccini in a tin box. Wrap it up beautifully and offer it as a gift.

A few tips to remember:

Once the loaves are cooked, slice them immediately. You must do this fast to prevent the dough from drying up and breaking while cutting.

After cutting, It is best to return them to the oven immediately so that they will toast evenly.

Allow the cantuccini to cool down in a dry place. You can store them for several days.


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