blueberry cakes

Blueberry cakes with Chocolate & Balsamic

Blueberry cakes with Chocolate & Balsamic For the last recipe of 2021 we chose to make these easy yet festive blueberry cakes with a chocolate and balsamic ganache. Feel free to make them to impress your guests at Christmas or New Year, and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram Ingredients (makes 4 mini cakes)…

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easter cake

Easter Cake with Italian Colomba

Easter Cake with Italian Colomba Loading… Have you ever bought an Italian Easter Cake, called Colomba, and didn’t know what to do with the last few slices? Today I will share with you a delicious recipe to reinvent those leftover slices and create a delicious and beautiful dessert. Ingredients Italian Colomba (I used one with…

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Carrot cake with extra virgin olive oil Loading… This cake requires exactly 15 minutes of preparation before cooking. The raw carrots with extra virgin olive oil and orange peel are blended together to produce a fragrant carrot cream, which is then mixed directly in the bowl with the other ingredients. Then, you just pop it…

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Lemon, rosemary, and olive oil loaf cake

Lemon, rosemary, and olive oil loaf cake Loading… This is a fragrant and moist cake, prepared with lemon, rosemary, and olive oil. You can enjoy it for breakfast, or in the afternoon for a snack, accompanied by a cup of good tea. Ingredients Flour 250 grams (type 00, or other types such as all-purpose flour)…

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Jam tart with soft yogurt and olive oil crust

Jam tart with soft yogurt and olive oil crust. Loading… Jam tart with soft yoghurt and olive oil crust. This simple and fragrant dessert is perfect for Easter that will leave your family asking for second helpings. The tangy yoghurt in the crust complements the fresh jam-based filling to produce a mouth-watering experience. Jam tart…

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Chocolate mascarpone cake

Chocolate mascarpone cake Loading… This velvety, intense cake is perfect for special occasions (like St. Valentine’s day). Easy to prepare, you will fall in love at your first bite. Ingredients for the cake: Mascarpone 250 gr. dark chocolate (possibly 65-70%) 200 gr. icing sugar 80 gr. flour 40 gr. eggs 4 salt a pinch Ingredients…

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no bake christmas log

No-bake chocolate Christmas log

No-bake chocolate Christmas log Loading… This chocolate Christmas log is quick to make and can be prepared in advance. In fact, it does not require baking and can be stored in the freezer for several days. A clever and convenient recipe, don’t you think? Ingredients Ladyfinger biscuits 160 gr. (or other biscuits as you like)…

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Chocolate balsamic cake

Chocolate balsamic cake Loading… This light version of a classic chocolate cake has a secret ingredient: balsamic vinegar. This makes the cake moist and original. It is relatively low in calories, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ingredients for a cake of 8 portions: flour 200 gr. brown sugar 100 gr. powdered cocoa powder 3,5…

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Coconut and yogurt cake

Coconut and yogurt cake Loading… This classic cake has a soft texture, and an exotic flavor. The recipe is easy to prepare, and requires only a bit of care weighing the ingredients and then a few simple steps. If you have an electric blender, everything will be even easier! Ready? Apron on and go! Portions:…

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Tortine Paradiso – Paradise cupcakes

Tortine Paradiso – Paradise cupcakes Loading… The original recipe of Torta Paradiso dates back to the nineteenth century. It was Enrico Vignoni — a pastry chef from Pavia — who invented this dessert. The cake was so delicious that noblewomen from Pavia called it “paradise”, and the name has stuck ever since. While scrumptious, the…

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