chicken pasta bake

Chicken pasta bake

Chicken pasta bake Loading… If you are looking for a new pasta recipe that is going to impress your guests, yet easy to make you have just found it. This chicken pasta bake is not your usual Italian tomato pasta, and because it includes protein makes the perfect filling dish which you can serve in…

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Chicken alla cacciatora

Chicken alla cacciatora (cacciatore style). Loading… Very easy and delicious, the recipe of chicken “alla cacciatora” is perfect both for lunch and for dinner, and can be prepared in a short time. Ingredients carrot 1 onion half chicken breast 500 gr flour 1 tbsp black pitted olives 90 gr white wine 1 glass cherry tomatoes…

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Chicken breast with aubergines Loading… Chicken breast with aubergines is a delicious and light second course. This recipe is easy and rich in taste – with just a few calories. The meat will remain tender, juicy, and very tasty thanks to the marinade and the aromatic herbs. Ingredients Chicken Breast 4 (about 120 gr. each)…

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Chicken with balsamic vinegar, olives, and pine nuts

Chicken with balsamic vinegar, olives, and pine nuts. Loading… A quick idea to enhance chicken breast, this recipe takes about 15 minutes. I have been cooking this recipe for my guests for more than 20 years and everyone likes it. Ingredients Chicken breast 300 gr. green olives 10 pine nuts 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar a…

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Chicken with Balsamic vinegar and oranges

Chicken with Balsamic vinegar and oranges Loading… You will begin to love chicken with balsamic vinegar and oranges while you are cooking it.  The combination of oranges, rosemary, and balsamic vinegar will fill your kitchen with a heavenly aroma. Then, after you taste it, you will not want to wait to serve it to your…

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Chicken Wings with Red Pesto

Today, I have prepared for you a special recipe to give a healthy Italian touch to your chicken wings. Avoid deep frying the chicken and cook it slowly… This gourmet mixture combines Pitted Leccina Olives and Red Pesto to create a combination of fresh new flavours. Red Pesto is a tasty sauce that combines the sweet and rich flavour of sun-dried…

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Chicken Gratin with Vegetables and Mozzarella

Are you looking for a delicious and healthy recipe? Bake my delicious Chicken Gratin with vegetables and cheese. It is so nourishing, energizing and super yummy! To make this recipe I also used one of the most sumptuous products from our shop, White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”. It’s delicate and special taste can give a taste you’ll have…

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Fettuccine with Cime di Rapa Pesto, Chicken and Cherry Tomatoes

In Italy, we are used to separating pasta from chicken, but two weeks ago one of my friends came from Australia to visit me during the Christmas Holidays and she taught me this fantastic recipe! I obviously gave the recipe an “Italian touch”, adding one of my favourite type of sauces which is quite common…

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Chicken Rolls with Ricotta and Spinach filling and Cannonata

Chicken Rolls with Ricotta and Spinach filling and Cannonata is a recipe that it is so tasty and very easy to prepare.

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