Croquettes or crocchette di patata

Croquettes or crocchette di patata As a kid, croquettes were my favourite. I remember buying them from a shop near my school together with sausages whenever I had to stay longer at school for extra curricular activities. We would eat them on a picnic bench inside the park next to our school. If you too…

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Savoury biscuits with olives

Savoury biscuits with olives Loading… These savoury biscuits with olives are tasty snacks to munch, for a snack, for an aperitivo, or for an original Christmas gift. They are made with genuine Italian products such as Natura e Bontà’s olive paté and our extra virgin olive oil. This recipe is vegan. Ingredients (to prepare about…

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Ricotta quick bread with sundried tomatoes and olives Loading… The recipe for this ricotta quick bread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives is very easy. It is perfect for a rich Italian appetizer or combined with olives, cured meat, sauces, and fresh vegetables. Ingredients flour 00 200 gr. eggs 3 milk 100 ml black pitted olives…

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Baked aubergines with balsamic vinegar, mint, and lemon

Baked aubergines with balsamic vinegar, mint, and lemon are a feast for your taste buds. Loading… They are great to accompany meat, fish, cheese or a coloured bruschetta with asparagus paté– as we did.  This recipe is an ace in the hole when you have unexpected guests (even vegan or vegetarian guests). You will be…

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