sausage meat stuffing

Sausage Meat Stuffing for the Holiday Season

Sausage Meat Stuffing perfect for the Holiday Season With the Holidays season approaching, we are brainstorming festive recipes to share with you. This sausage meat stuffing recipe is easy and quick to make, which makes the perfect addition to your festive menu. It’s also a great recipe to prepare for Sundays throughout the year when…

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Savoury Christmas Panettone

Savoury Christmas Panettone Loading… Are you looking for a tasty party idea that will leave your guests speechless at Christmas? Very easy to make, super tasty, perfect both as an appetizer or with main courses. It is made by mixing all the ingredients with a spoon, it does not need raising … et voilà! Ingredients…

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Holiday pizza bites Loading… For your holidays, try a classic pizza shaped like a Christmas wreath! We made this with a dozen soft mini-pizzas, prepared with olive oil and topped with delicious olives and artichokes. Ingredients for dough flour for bread or for pizza 400 grams (type “0” or “00”) water (at room temperature) 240 grams…

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Potato Gattò with aubergines and turnip greens

Potato Gattò with aubergines and turnip greens Loading… The recipe of the week is a delicious Italian speciality typical of Naples, but in a vegetarian version. Ingredients for 8 people Potatoes 1 Kg Stripped aubergines Natura e Bontà 150 grams (drained) Provolone cheese slices 200 grams (or cheddar, edamer, or mozzarella) Turnip greens Natura e Bontà…

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Christmas cookies with olive oil

Christmas cookies with olive oil Loading… Christmas cookies with olive oil is a very easy recipe, perfect also for those who are less experienced. The dough produces a light, crumbly, soft short-crust pastry which is also perfect for pies, biscuits, or Christmas sweets gifts. Ingredients Pastry flour 300 grams eggs 2 extra virgin olive oil…

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Savoury biscuits with olives

Savoury biscuits with olives Loading… These savoury biscuits with olives are tasty snacks to munch, for a snack, for an aperitivo, or for an original Christmas gift. They are made with genuine Italian products such as Natura e Bontà’s olive paté and our extra virgin olive oil. This recipe is vegan. Ingredients (to prepare about…

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no bake christmas log

No-bake chocolate Christmas log

No-bake chocolate Christmas log Loading… This chocolate Christmas log is quick to make and can be prepared in advance. In fact, it does not require baking and can be stored in the freezer for several days. A clever and convenient recipe, don’t you think? Ingredients Ladyfinger biscuits 160 gr. (or other biscuits as you like)…

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Baked salmon with herbs and walnuts

Baked salmon with herbs and walnuts Loading… Quick and easy to prepare, this healthy dish makes an ideal main course for the whole family or a dinner party. Ingredients Fresh salmon slices 500 gr. (skin on) fresh mixed herbs (thyme, dill, parsley, rosemary, sage) 4 tbsp walnut kernels 3 or 4 organic lemon 1 dry…

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Roast braised in white wine

Roast braised in white wine Loading… Nothing says “holiday dinner” like a juicy, tender, and aromatic roast. This week’s recipe is a classic Italian roast invented by Anna Moroni. Born in Rome, she was for many years known for her frequent appearances as a chef on national television. The recipe is simple to prepare, requiring…

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