Savoury biscuits with olives

Savoury biscuits with olives Loading… These savoury biscuits with olives are tasty snacks to munch, for a snack, for an aperitivo, or for an original Christmas gift. They are made with genuine Italian products such as Natura e Bontà’s olive paté and our extra virgin olive oil. This recipe is vegan. Ingredients (to prepare about…

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Soft focaccia with onions and chiodini mushroom

Soft focaccia with onions and chiodini – easy recipe without kneading Loading… Here is a soft focaccia, easy, and without kneading. This focaccia is perfect to cut in two halves and stuff with vegetables such as mushrooms or artichokes in oil, cheese to taste, and cured meat (in case you are not vegetarian). Ingredients Flour…

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Breaded Cannonata Cutlets (no fry) Loading… We follow the traditional recipe for breaded Cannonata cutlets, with one modification – we replace the egg with cannonata and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil. The result is a healthy and tasty version that you can easily prepare to surprise and please your guests. If you have children among…

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Pasta with sweet pepper sauce, fresh basil, and pine nuts

Pasta with sweet pepper sauce, fresh basil leaves, and pine nuts Loading… This is one of my “staples” because it has a pleasant and delicate flavour. With just a few ingredients and the help of a delicious sauce – our Sweet Pepper Spread (Crema di Peperoni)– we create a beautiful dish. Ingredients for 2 people…

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Coconut and yogurt cake

Coconut and yogurt cake Loading… This classic cake has a soft texture, and an exotic flavor. The recipe is easy to prepare, and requires only a bit of care weighing the ingredients and then a few simple steps. If you have an electric blender, everything will be even easier! Ready? Apron on and go! Portions:…

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”Schiacciata” of potatoes, tuna and olives

“Schiacciata” of potatoes, tuna and olives Loading… “Schiacciata” in Italian means “flattened.”  This recipe is a kind of moist potato bake, and with the mixture of tuna and olives it is soft and tasty, excellent for quick dinners, snacks and aperitifs. You can eat it either hot or cold. Ingredients Potatoes 500 gr. flour 80…

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Tomato, potato, cheese, and onion bake

Tomato, potato, cheese, and onion bake Loading… The extra virgin olive oil together with the tomatoes and fine herbs create a spicy and luscious mix that goes well with any second course, either meat and fish. Ingredients. For 4 people (26 cm pan) potatoes 600 (about 2 large) onions 2 ripe tomatoes about 4 grated…

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Chicken with balsamic vinegar, olives, and pine nuts

Chicken with balsamic vinegar, olives, and pine nuts. Loading… A quick idea to enhance chicken breast, this recipe takes about 15 minutes. I have been cooking this recipe for my guests for more than 20 years and everyone likes it. Ingredients Chicken breast 300 gr. green olives 10 pine nuts 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar a…

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Balsamic, bacon, pine nuts, and apple salad

Balsamic, bacon, pine nuts, and apple salad. Loading… This salad is my workhorse, and I love serving it to my guests. The colours are bright and it is full of flavour. The combination of sweet apples, tangy balsamic vinegar, and savoury pancetta are always a treat. You can vary the recipe depending on the season.…

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Pudding with strawberries and balsamic vinegar glaze

Pudding with strawberries and balsamic vinegar glaze Loading… A special glaze made with balsamic vinegar and honey transforms a classic pudding into an original recipe.  Top with fresh strawberries for colour and extra flavour and you have a fresh and delicious last-minute dessert. This balsamic glaze will inspire you to create a huge variety of…

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