Mushrooms Pizza with Novello

Mushrooms Pizza with Novello It’s been a while since we shared a pizza recipe. And since tomorrow happens to be Mushrooms Day, this week’s recipe is a mushrooms pizza featuring our Belmorso Novello Italian extra virgin olive oil. This is the best Italian extra virgin olive oil you can find in Ireland, and it’s not…

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lean beef

Lean Beef Pizzaiola with truffle oil fries

Lean Beef Pizzaiola with truffle oil fries Our take on pizzaiola style meat is a little different than the usual, but we promise it’s really tasty and also healthy. Our lean beef pizzaiola is similar to a caprese salad, and to make this dish even more indulging – though without the extra calories – we…

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app like sniffies

meetup wolverhampton

Pizza Rustica with Italian artichokes and olives Next time you feel like pizza try this tasty but very quick pizza rustica. It’s full of flavour, and it looks gorgeous, making it perfect to impress family members and friends. Let’s make it! Ingredients 1 roll rectangular pizza dough one jar country basil sauce 1 small onion…

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healthy sandwich idea

Healthy Sandwich Idea – Italian style

Healthy Sandwich Idea – Italian style If you are looking for new lunch ideas for work or school, today we have a healthy sandwich idea for you which bursts with Italian flavours. It features some yummy vegetables, and by using mozzarella instead of a high fat cheese, we are reducing the calories too 🙂 Ingredients…

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Quinoa with Italian Flavours

Quinoa with Italian Flavours It’s fascinating to think that quinoa was only used to feed the livestock way back in history, and now it has become this fancy expensive plant that looks like a grain and is so good for us. Today we are sharing our favourite way to make quinoa  with a recipe full…

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caprese salad

Caprese Salad with tarallini and aubergines

Caprese Salad with tarallini and aubergines You have probably had at least one caprese salad in your life. We thought we would give you an easy recipe to make an extra special Caprese salad at home, featuring a few ingredients we are sure you will love. Let’s get started, shall we?   This makes one…

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Croissants or Cornetti for your Aperitivo

Croissants or Cornetti for your Aperitivo Who doesn’t like croissants? And while Italian croissants, called cornetti, are different than the French ones, today we are making a mix of both. We are making a puff pastry croissant alla Francese with an Italian savoury filling. I promise these will have your guests begging for more.. Ingredients…

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Croquettes or crocchette di patata

Croquettes or crocchette di patata As a kid, croquettes were my favourite. I remember buying them from a shop near my school together with sausages whenever I had to stay longer at school for extra curricular activities. We would eat them on a picnic bench inside the park next to our school. If you too…

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Calzone with tomato, ham and cheese (mini for antipasti)

Calzone with tomato, ham and cheese (mini for antipasti) If you are planning to host more get togethers, you should consider adding this calzone with tomato, ham and cheese to your Italian repertoire of antipasti and appetizer food. Keep reading to get this easy recipe. Ingredients Ready to use pizza dough Country basil sauce Good…

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Bruschetta recipes – 3 delicious Italian toppings

Bruschetta Recipes – 3 delicious Italian toppings Do you love having bruschetta in Italian restaurants, and would like to make it at home? Here are 3 easy Italian bruschetta recipes that you can make and enjoy at home. These make a tasty appetizer that everyone will enjoy. Here are the 3 recipes: Classic tomato bruschetta…

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