Rainbow trout fillets with lemon and gin

Rainbow trout fillets with lemon and gin Loading… Rainbow trout fillets with lemon and gin are delicious and easy to prepare as a second course. The fillets are marinated in oil and lemon juice for about two hours, then sautéed in a pan for just a few minutes and flamed with gin. The result is…

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Pasta with squash, beans, and sundried tomatoes

Pasta with squash, beans, and sundried tomatoes Loading… An original recipe, rich in vegetables, tasty and simple to prepare. Pasta with squash, beans and sundried tomatoes is a tasty and inviting first course, perfect for the cold season. The addition of sage and bay leaves help make the beans more digestible. This recipe is #vegan…

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Squash gnocchi with butter and sage Loading… Here in Italy, it is very easy to find squash, especially in autumn but even now during winter. So, when shopping in the markets, delicious squash recipes always come to mind. This week’s recipe is one of the best and is also easy to prepare. Adding two small potatoes give…

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Tagliatelle alla boscaiola, with mushrooms and peas

Tagliatelle alla boscaiola, with mushrooms and peas. Loading… Tagliatelle alla boscaiola is a perfect dish when you have little time and you are in the mood for something typically Italian. Boscaiola sauce goes well with tagliatelle and also with fusilli, rigatoni, fettuccia, orecchiette, trofie, strozzapreti, long fusilli, and other shapes. Tagliatelle alla boscaiola is a simple and genuine recipe you can cook at…

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Gragnano baked paccheri cake, classic recipe

Gragnano baked paccheri cake Gragnano baked paccheri cake is a dish you can serve your guests on special occasions. This version is savoury and a bit tangy thanks to the use of Pecorino Romano cheese. You can use vegetarian Pecorino Sardo cheese as an alternative, here an example. With just a few ingredients you will…

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Vegan long fusilli pasta with sauteed vegetables and carrot puree

Long fusilli pasta with sauteed vegetables and carrot puree, also called “dell’amicizia” (“among friends”)   Long fusilli dell’amicizia is a vegan recipe, simple but with a rich and well-balanced flavour.  The key to achieving the depth and balance lies in cooking the vegetables properly, so they are soft but still retain their nutritional value. The…

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Ricotta and fig mousse with balsamic vinegar caramel

Ricotta and fig mousse with balsamic vinegar caramel Preparing the ricotta and fig mousse cake with balsamic vinegar caramel is very simple. The only secret is to use a top-quality ricotta.The ricotta mousse is distinguished from other cakes by its delicate flavor and texture. It can be combined with almost any fruit, not only with figs.The cake…

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Gragnano fusilloni with ricotta, taralli, and dried tomatoes

Gragnano fusilloni with ricotta, taralli and dried tomatoes is such a tasty recipe that after you have tried it you won’t want to wait to prepare it again. It is typical in Puglia (and other areas in the South) to sprinkle crispy taralli breadcrumbs on top of the dish before serving. Using the amazing Gragnano pasta…

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Asparagus Patè Crèpes

It doesn’t quite feel like spring is officially here until asparagus has been spotted, does it? In Italy, the harvesting season takes place from the end of March until May and we’re looking forward to eating as much asparagus as we can until its brief season is over! I love crèpes because they are a…

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The Dinette Teller – 43. The Purple Leader: Aubergine

Aubergine is an essential ingredient in Italy as well as in many countries around the world. It is excellent for your health and It has special texture and taste.  A wonderful ingredient that you can combine in hundreds of different dishes. The aubergine species belongs to the family Solanum Melongena. It originated in India more than…

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