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Pasta salad with ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olives

Pasta salad with ricotta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and olives Loading… This pasta salad is a creamy and tasty first course and it is perfect for the month of August. Just cook the pasta, use a blender to prepare the creamy sauce, et voila! Ingredients   Pasta 320 g 200 g seasoned cheese (provolone, or other…

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Pumpkin, mushroom, and salame pasta

Pumpkin, mushroom, and salame pasta Loading… Pumpkin is a typical autumn and winter vegetable. Thanks to its unmistakable taste it is an excellent ingredient for sweet and savory recipes. It can be used to prepare many different dishes for Halloween. Originally from the Americas, pumpkins are widely used in Italian cuisine, particularly in the cities…

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Linguine and white beans in tomato sauce Linguine and white beans in tomato sauce is a delicious first course sure to make a splash. This recipe is easy to prepare but at the same time suitable for special occasions. In Italy there are many versions of pasta and beans, and it is mainly prepared as a…

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Gragnano baked paccheri cake, classic recipe

Gragnano baked paccheri cake Gragnano baked paccheri cake is a dish you can serve your guests on special occasions. This version is savoury and a bit tangy thanks to the use of Pecorino Romano cheese. You can use vegetarian Pecorino Sardo cheese as an alternative, here an example. With just a few ingredients you will…

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“Pasta Pasticciata” Fusilloni Gratin with White Bolognese Sauce

Pasta Pasticciata recipe is a Traditional Italian Pasta Pie typically prepared in Southern Italy and eaten by the whole family on Sunday meals or on special occasions You can prepare this delicious gratin pasta using Fusilloni, a thick, corkscrew shaped pasta. The word presumably comes from ‘fuso’ meaning: spindle, as fusilloni was traditionally spun by rolling a small rod over…

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Paccheri pasta in Artichoke-Carbonara Sauce

The famous carbonara sauce was born in Rome at the end of the Second World War and with it the Traditional Spaghetti Alla Carbonara. The creaminess that you get with a carbonara style sauce is perfect to make a wide variety of pasta dishes. Today, I will share with you a super yummy recipe made with artichokes-carbonara sauce! The sapid…

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The Pasta Teller: Chapter 9 – Cannelloni

Cannelloni is a typical pasta shape in Italy, mostly from Emilia Romagna, a Northern Italian Region; and in Campania, a southern one.

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The Pasta Teller: Chapter 8 – Fettuccine

Fettuccine, also known as Tagliatelle, is the pasta shape that best represents Bologna City.

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The Pasta Teller: Chapter 4 – Paccheri

The Paccheri is a traditional kind of pasta from Naples, shaped as giant maccheroni, usually made with durum wheat and water. Origins Once upon a time, it was known as the “pasta of the poor” because they are so big that just a few paccheri were enough to fill your tummy. The origin of the name…

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