focaccia recipe

Focaccia recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Focaccia Recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today’s focaccia recipe is inspired by the British Bake Off 2021, and the winner Giuseppe Dell’ Anno. During Bread Week, Giuseppe made a scrumptious Italian focaccia featuring tomatoes and artichokes among other very Italian ingredients. And it was so good that he got a hand shake from…

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healthy sandwich idea

Healthy Sandwich Idea – Italian style

Healthy Sandwich Idea – Italian style If you are looking for new lunch ideas for work or school, today we have a healthy sandwich idea for you which bursts with Italian flavours. It features some yummy vegetables, and by using mozzarella instead of a high fat cheese, we are reducing the calories too ūüôā Ingredients…

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Bruschetta Recipes – 3 delicious Italian toppings Do you love having bruschetta in Italian restaurants, and would like to make it at home? Here are 3 easy Italian bruschetta recipes that you can make and enjoy at home. These make a tasty appetizer that everyone will enjoy. Here are the 3 recipes: Classic tomato bruschetta…

Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day Fig Balsamic Taralli

Valentine’s Day Fig Balsamic Taralli Loading… This Valentine’s day, surprise your loved one with a unique dessert. This special treat is sure to awaken all your taste buds with its interesting sweet and tart notes of white chocolate and fig balsamic. And if you are not someone who enjoys cooking you will appreciate how easy…

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‚ÄĚSchiacciata‚ÄĚ of potatoes, tuna and olives

‚ÄúSchiacciata‚ÄĚ of potatoes, tuna and olives Loading… ‚ÄúSchiacciata‚ÄĚ in Italian means ‚Äúflattened.‚Ä̬† This recipe is a kind of moist potato bake, and with the mixture of tuna and olives it is soft and tasty, excellent for quick dinners, snacks and aperitifs. You can eat it either hot or cold. Ingredients Potatoes 500 gr. flour 80…

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Ricotta quick bread with sundried tomatoes and olives

Ricotta quick bread with sundried tomatoes and olives Loading… The recipe for this ricotta quick bread with sun-dried tomatoes and olives is very easy. It is perfect for a rich Italian appetizer or combined with olives, cured meat, sauces, and fresh vegetables. Ingredients flour 00 200 gr. eggs 3 milk 100 ml black pitted olives…

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Asparagus Patè Crèpes

It doesn’t quite feel like spring is officially here until asparagus has been spotted, does it? In Italy, the harvesting season takes place from the end of March until May and we’re looking forward to eating as much asparagus as we can until its brief season is over! I love cr√®pes because they are a…

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Savoury Stuffed Potato Cake

Dig into this savoury stuffed potato cake. A rich and nourishing dish that can be eaten as a complete meal. This delicious¬†savoury baked cake is made of a crunchy mashed potatoes shell and filled with¬†Black Olives Tapenade,¬†spinach, ham and cheese! If you prefer a lighter taste you can also use¬†Green Olive Tapenade. Black Olives Tapenade¬†is…

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Italian Brunch Savoury Croissants

Croissant or “Cornetti” as we call¬†it in Italy, are a staple of Italian¬†breakfast. In every Italian¬†bar, the morning starts with a large crowd¬†holding a¬†cappuccino¬†in one hand and a cornetto in the other one. But the recipe that I have for you today another story… Today, I have prepared for you delicious savoury croissants which…

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Paprika Bean-Balls with Garlic Sauce

Are you planning a party with your family or¬†friends? Today I have for you a delicious recipe that can look great as part of any party platter… a tasty snack cloaked in breadcrumbs for extra crunch! These Paprika Bean-Balls with¬†Garlic Pat√® will have you salivating! If you’re on a¬†gluten-free¬†diet, you can just replace the wheat…

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