focaccia recipe

Focaccia recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Focaccia Recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today’s focaccia recipe is inspired by the British Bake Off 2021, and the winner Giuseppe Dell’ Anno. During Bread Week, Giuseppe made a scrumptious Italian focaccia featuring tomatoes and artichokes among other very Italian ingredients. And it was so good that he got a hand shake from…

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chicken recipe

Chicken recipe for the holidays – involtini di pollo

Chicken recipe for the holidays – involtini di pollo Looking for the perfect maincourse for Christmas lunch or dinner that is not a roast? Today we are sharing with you a delicious chicken recipe for the holidays and any special occasion. And if you really really like it you can obviously make it throughout the…

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dating with a purpose

Pizza Rustica with Italian artichokes and olives Next time you feel like pizza try this tasty but very quick pizza rustica. It’s full of flavour, and it looks gorgeous, making it perfect to impress family members and friends. Let’s make it! Ingredients 1 roll rectangular pizza dough one jar country basil sauce 1 small onion…

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healthy sandwich idea

Healthy Sandwich Idea – Italian style

Healthy Sandwich Idea – Italian style If you are looking for new lunch ideas for work or school, today we have a healthy sandwich idea for you which bursts with Italian flavours. It features some yummy vegetables, and by using mozzarella instead of a high fat cheese, we are reducing the calories too 🙂 Ingredients…

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Quinoa with Italian Flavours

Quinoa with Italian Flavours It’s fascinating to think that quinoa was only used to feed the livestock way back in history, and now it has become this fancy expensive plant that looks like a grain and is so good for us. Today we are sharing our favourite way to make quinoa  with a recipe full…

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cooking steak fiorentina

Cooking Steak – Fiorentina Style

Cooking Steak – Fiorentina Style Loading… Today we are cooking steak Fiorentina style. Instead of using sirloin we are however using pork neck steak. The idea is to take the Fiorentina cooking concept which focuses on keeping the ingredients to a minimum, and applying it to our pork steak. This way you can really taste…

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich with fontina cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with cotto ham & fontina cheese Loading… You probably eat toast all the time, so today we wanted to share with you a way to reinvent your grilled cheese sandwich using Italian ingredients. This makes a great mid-morning snack and is perfect to take with you at work and put in your…

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Baked breaded sole with cherry tomatoes

Baked breaded sole with cherry tomatoes Loading… Baked breaded sole with cherry tomatoes and asparagus paté is a healthy and tasty second course. The light, egg-free bread-crumb coating produces a crunchy, golden crust on the outside, but keeps them moist and soft inside. The addition of cherry tomatoes dressed with Prelibato rosé, and the asparagus…

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Salad of artichokes, mint, and pecorino

Salad of artichokes, mint, and pecorino. Loading… Here is a recipe for a delicious and healthy lunch: artichoke salad with mint leaves, pecorino, chickpeas and potatoes.  It is quick and easy, with ingredients selected to surprise the palate with contrasts of flavor and textures. Perfect for these hot summer days. Salad of artichokes, mint, and…

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