focaccia recipe

Focaccia recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Focaccia Recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today’s focaccia recipe is inspired by the British Bake Off 2021, and the winner Giuseppe Dell’ Anno. During Bread Week, Giuseppe made a scrumptious Italian focaccia featuring tomatoes and artichokes among other very Italian ingredients. And it was so good that he got a hand shake from…

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mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese all’Italiana (Italian Style)

Mac and Cheese all’Italiana (Italian style) Loading… If you are a cheese lover, you probably love mac and cheese, so today it’s your day! I am sharing not one but two variations of mac and cheese Italian style, one for vegetarians and one for meat eaters. However, feel free to incorporate both variations and make…

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Tortellini with pink sauce Loading… Who doesn’t love tortellini? However, if you are not sure whether to serve them with a tomato sauce or a white cream, no problem as this recipe incorporates both. This creamy delicious pink sauce is perfect to switch things up and try an innovative yet very simple pasta sauce. Ingredients…

roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables with Italian balsamic

Roasted vegetables with Italian balsamic Loading… You probably cook oven roasted vegetables all the time. What if I told you that with just the addition of one simple ingredient you can completely elevate the taste of your roasted vegetables and make everyone enjoy them a little more?….If it sounds intriguing keep reading to get the…

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Baked aubergines with tomato and cheese

Baked aubergines with tomato and cheese is an easy and satisfying vegetarian second course. Loading… Aubergines together with quality extra virgin olive, basil, melted cheese, and peeled tomatoes create a mouth-watering mix of flavours. While they cook they will fill the kitchen with an irresistible aroma.  (Open the windows and you can share it with…

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Pasta with Vegetable Pesto

Pasta with Vegetable Pesto Loading… Pasta with vegetable pesto is a light, tasty and perfect first course for everyone, especially those following a vegetarian or vegan diet. Ingredients for 4 people Pasta 320 gr Courgettes 2 Carrots 2 small (or 1 if large) About half a leek Red pepper ½ Basil 10 leaves Pine nuts…

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Pasta with squash, beans, and sundried tomatoes

Pasta with squash, beans, and sundried tomatoes Loading… An original recipe, rich in vegetables, tasty and simple to prepare. Pasta with squash, beans and sundried tomatoes is a tasty and inviting first course, perfect for the cold season. The addition of sage and bay leaves help make the beans more digestible. This recipe is #vegan…

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Mediterranean baked vegetables, “a barchetta”.

Mediterranean baked vegetables, “a barchetta”. Loading… Mediterranean baked vegetables, “a barchetta”. My family often prepares this recipe, which is called “a barchetta” because vegetables are cut into wedges and look like small boats or canoes. The main ingredients are fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, and extra virgin olive oil. This is a healthy dish that is…

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blur_bf_4_edited_Baked vegetable pan with balsamic vinegar and aromatic herbs

Baked vegetables with balsamic vinegar and aromatic herbs

Baked vegetables with balsamic vinegar and aromatic herbs Loading… Baking vegetables in a pan is very simple and also healthy.  This recipe will be a hit with guests thanks to the lively colours in its mix of seasonal vegetables and the added zing of mixed herbs. Ingredients aubergine 1 onion 1 courgettes 2 red pepper…

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Melanzane a funghetto

Melanzane a funghetto Loading… The recipe of melanzane a funghetto is always successful. In Italian, funghetto means “like mushrooms” (funghetto), and the recipe gets its name because the aubergines are cut like mushrooms. This version uses baked aubergines and is as good as the classic version where they are fried (but healthier!). This recipe is…

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