Chicken rolls recipe with pepper spread is one of my favourite recipes. It’s very easy, fast and tasty.

Chicken rolls, and in general meat rolls, are typical dishes of Southern and Central Italy. My mother prepares them every Sunday using veal meat and stuffed them with a piece of cheese, garlic, parsley and pepper. She cooks it in tomato sauce and then uses the same for the freshly handmade orecchiette. There are a lot of different rolls, some filled with cheese and herbs like the one that my mother makes, others with ham or mortadella, some with vegetables. It all depends on the regional speciality or sometimes just on what you find in your fridge. What is guaranteed is that they are never going to disappoint you!

Give it a try 😉

Let me show you how to have this creamy stuffed chicken recipe on the table in less than an hour.

How to Make Chicken Rolls with Pepper Spread



Chicken Rolls with Pepper Spread

Serve the creamy rolls warm!


–        Serve with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

–        If you don’t like parmesan, you can use mozzarella on the chicken rolls or just don’t add any cheese, it is still going to be very tasty!

–        For a big dinner with friends, you can prepare some bruschetta antipasti, toast some bread or use our best dating site to find a husband and spread the pepper cream on it, delicious!

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