The other day I have seen “Chef” again, one of my favourite movies . It was written, produced, directed and played by Jon Favreau. I really recommend it.

In a scene, chef Carl Casper told the critic (who ruined his life) how is made properly the lava cake with the chocolate flowing out. I did’t try how the chef suggested in the movie yet but tried this recipe with Marcello, my friend from Tuscany. It was absolutely fantastic, complete with a delicious melting center  😉

Chocolate Soufflé


Dark Chocolate 150 gr

Butter 80 gr

Flour 20 gr

Eggs  2 + 1 yolk

Sugar  90

Vanilla bean  ¼

Cocoa 10 gr

Chocolate Souffle 01Preparation

Chop the chocolate and melt it in a bain-marie. Add the butter (already cut to small pieces).

Put in a large bowl the eggs, sugar, and vanilla bean that you previously open in two and scrapped the seeds from. Whisk the mixture to a minimum of 10 minutes.

Chocolate Souffle 02

When the melted chocolate is cold, add it to the egg mixture, always whisking. Add the flour and the cocoa towards the end .

Chocolate Souffle 03

At this time, butter the molds and cover with flour or cocoa.

Chocolate Souffle 04

Put the chocolate into the molds (about ¾ full) and bake  for 13-14 minutes at 180.

Chocolate Souffle 05

Serve with custard and enjoy.

Chocolate Souffle 08

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