How to Clean Mussels Safely and Surely
How to Clean Mussels Safely and Surely

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Do you love eating mussels but sometimes find it hard to clean them? Worry no more! I am sharing some tips on how to clean mussels safely and surely!

How to Clean Mussels

1. Put the mussels in a large bowl and rinse thoroughly under tap water.

2. Scrape off the barnacles and parasites from the shell with the back of a blunt knife.

3. Grab the byssus (the hairy filament that protrudes from the valve) and remove it by applying some force. You can also a cloth for grabbing the byssus to prevent it from slipping from your hand.

4. You can remove dirt and other impurities by scrubbing the shells with steel wool.

5. You can open the mussels in two ways, depending on what your recipe calls for. You can open it raw or cooked. Cooked mussels are easier to remove because the shells open by themselves when heated. When raw, I advise you to use a clam knife. Hold a clean mussel firmly (you can use a towel to protect your hand) then insert the clam knife between the shells. Pry it open. Then detach the mussel.

Do you have any other tips for cleaning mussels? Come share it with us by writing it in the comments box below. We’ll be glad to share it with the rest of the CWG community.

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