The Dinette Teller – 28. Tarallini: The Crunchiest Italian Golden Treat

Puglia is not only famous for the beaches and ancient ruins but also for it’s simple and delicious traditional cuisine. It is the home of regional products and recipes that are renowned not only in Italy but all around the world!

One of the gastronomical symbols of Puglia is the “Tarallini”. A delicious crunchy ring made of wheat flour, salt water, extra virgin olive oil and dry white wine. A healthy, simple and flavourful alternative to bread.


Taralli Famil


In the 15th century, the poorest part of the population used to make a “bread dough” stirring together white flour, olive oil, wine and salt. Over time, tarallini became a substitute for bread. The farmer families used to offer this snack to their guests with a glass of wine to show kindness.


15th Century


A typical Italian saying is “Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino” which literally means “everything finished with tarallucci and wine”. It suggests that after a fight the two counterparts make peace with tarallini and wine, the symbol of politeness and serenity.

Italian Sayings

Italian Saying


The dough is made only with white flour, white wine, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and salt. You can also find flavoured versions with herbs or vegetables. The most common are with fennel seeds, sesame seeds, chilli or onion.

Fennel seeds Tarallini

Taralli are now internationally recognized as a “Traditional Italian Agricultural Product” (PAT), similar to the “Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


The preparation of Taralli is quite simple, but it entails many different steps.

Here is my own recipe. However, you can also see Franco’s Grandfather Recipe Here!

Ingredients for 5 people:

Dilute the yeast with a little bit of warm water. Add 100g of flour and knead the dough. Let your dough ball rest for few hours in a bowl. When the volume is double, add the salt, pepper, olive oil and the remaining flour. If needed add a little bit of warm water to obtain a soft dough. Keat for 10 more minutes and then shape the little rings.

Ready to be baked

You need yo cook your rings twice: firstly, put them in boiling water with oil and remove them when they float on the surface. Then, bake them at 180°C for around half an hour. This final step will give them the exquisite crunchiness and the characteristic golden colour.

Are you not in the mood to bake today?

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Try it, and let me know what you think!



Nowadays, taralli has become a fanciful and delicious snack. In Italy is common to find taralli as a side to a very good glass of red or white wine instead of the unhealthier chips or peanuts.

They are also delicious with meats and cheeses, especially the fennel seeds-flavoured ones!



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