The Dinette Teller Special – Saint Valentine

Valentines Day began in 496 AD, during the ruling of the Roman Empire. Saint Valentine was executed and as a result commemorated on 14th February.

Many people claim that Valentines Day has its origins on the Roman Lupercalia, a Pagan Festival of fertility and love. The festival was abolished under the rule of Pope Gelasius. He introduced the “Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

The suppression of an ancient Pagan celebration was a consequence of fear. During the celebration, some Roman Pagans would attend completely naked.

The rigid Christian doctrine was in contrast with this celebration and Pope Gelasius decided to replace the Lupercalia with a Christian celebration. Over time the name and date solidified into what we know today as Saint Valentines Day where lovers all over the world love each other a little bit more!

Saint Valentine was born in the central Italian province of Terni in 176 AD. He later became the Bishop of Terni. He encouraged couples to get married and reproduce. He was acting as a mediator when couples were unhappy and gave them a red rose to hold together as a symbol of peace and love!

He was executed on February 14th for conducting a marriage between Sabin and Serpia. A Pagan man and a Christian woman. Serpia, was terminally ill and the two lovers died together disregarding their religions and withholding their “love above all” belief.

And so ‘Lovers Day’ was born!!

The earliest known written reference to Valentines Day was made in the poem ‘The Parliament of Fowls’ by “Geoffrey Chaucher” (1343-1400). In his poem he makes a strong connection to Saint Valentines Day being a special day for love!

In the 19th Century, the habit of sending Valentine’s card gained huge popularity in the UK. After that, Esther Howland instigated the production of Valentine Day cards in an industrial scale in America.

Nowadays, due to the commercial boom, chocolates, flowers and jewelry have become popular gifts among the passionate lovers!!

During Saint Valentine’s Day, many countries have the tradition to give presents to the women. Nevertheless, in Japan, the men receives the gifts of chocolate. In return, the women received a present of white chocolate during the White Day, a celebration that takes place on the 4th of March.

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