durum wheat

durum wheat

Here’s a topic that is close to my heart – durum wheat, the pride of Puglia. Why do I call it so? Because really, my region is famous for producing the best durum wheat in the whole world. We have small pasta producers who create the best products not just because of the quality of the durum but also because they concentrate on the recipe.

Durum wheat, the main ingredient in the making of pasta, is actually a member of the grass family. It is world-renowned for its remarkable qualities – firmness, elasticity and flavor.

Durum Wheat: Trivia About This World-famous Grain

When the Greeks first tasted pasta made of durum  wheat, they dubbed it as “divine food” or food fit for the gods! Now, how tasty can you get?

Here are some more facts about durum wheat:

  • 70% of the durum wheat that comes from Italy are grown and harvested in the south (Puglia is famous for producing some of the best quality of durum all over the world).
  • Because of its unbeatable quality in the making of dried pasta, several nations, most notably Italy, France and Greece, have decreed a law which states that any pasta not made of durum wheat is considered a fraud.
  • A cup of durum wheat contains 1g of saturated fat, no cholesterol,4mg of sodium and 26g of protein. It is also a great source of iron, which is essential for healthy blood circulation; manganese for healthier teeth and bones; and selenium which boosts the immune system and gets rid of skin and scalp problems.
  • Glutenin and Gliadin proteins are the substances which give durum elasticity and firmness.
  • Although it doesn’t become mushy even when overcooked, durum wheat is still best enjoyed when cooked “al dente” – chewy but still firm.
  • Durum wheat can be made into more than 600 pasta shapes.
  • It can also be used for focaccia pugliese and bread products like “Pane di Altamura” or “rimacinato” bread from Sicily.

I hope you like this post. Ready to taste honest-to-goodness Italian pasta? Check out our range of pasta here. You’ll have a lot of fun and tasty memories as you try them with your loved ones.

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