Fettuccine Pasta with Speck and Radicchio Sauce

Today, we will prepare together a pasta recipe using two flavourful ingredients that are typical of the Winter season: Radicchio and Speck.

Radicchio is a type of chicory, a flavorful and versatile fall vegetable. The leaves are a little bitter with a crisp crunch. Speck is a pork-product very similar to prosciutto but the meat is smoked as a final step in the curing process.

The combination of “radicchio and speck” is a classic Italian winter recipe. It has a delicious bitter aftertaste and the crunchy speck strips give an intense boost of taste to the sauce. For my recipe, I used Fettucina pasta because is a perfect cradle for the sauce and is one of my favourite shapes for a Sunday Meal!

Discover all the secrets of this super easy and quick recipe and surprise your guests!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s try my:

Fettuccine Pasta with Speck and Radicchio Sauce

Ingredients for 4 people:

Salt and Pepper, as needed


Clean and finely slice the radicchio salad and the shallot.

Sautèe the chopped shallot in a pan with a bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero” for 4-5 minutes.
Then, add the speck strips, and fry them all together for further 4 minutes.

Sautèe the shallot and fry the strips of speck.

Add the single cream and the tomato sauce, and stir. Then, adjust salt and pepper, according to your taste, and cook for further 7 minutes.

Add the cream and the tomato sauce

In the meanwhile, cook the Fettuccia pasta in salted boiling water. Drain the pasta 2 minutes before the time, and ultimate the cooking in the pan with the sauce. In this way, the pasta will get a more intense flavour.


Finish cooking the pasta directly in the sauce

When the pasta is ready, add the sliced radicchio and stir all together for one minute. the salad should remain crunchy, to give a touch of freshness to the sauce.

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Ad the radicchio

All done! Serve warm and… Enjoy!

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Buon Appetito!

Buon Appetito!

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