Fried Tuna Chunks with Pistachio and Sundried Tomatoes Patè


This tuna dish is not only healthy but it can also ensure a unique flavour experience.

Tuna is an exquisite fish that can boost our immune system and increase energy. A fish loaded with vitamins and nutrients, low in saturated fat and high in protein.

Try this extraordinary tuna with Sundried Tomato Patè wrapped in pistachio and sesame seeds for an extra crunchy experience.

Sundried Tomato Patè can add a special and unique taste to many dishes. In this case, the combination provided a perfect match enriching the flavour by the velvety texture of the spread with a slightly spicy aftertaste!

What are you waiting for? Try my:

Tuna Chunks with Pistachio and Sundried Tomatoes Patè



Remove the skin of the tuna and dice the meat into cubes ( about 2cm )

Dice the tuna

Beat the eggs.

In the meanwhile put the pistachio nuts in a mixer and ground them.

Stir the grounded pistachio with the corn flour and the sesame seeds in a bowl.

Dip the tuna chunks in the mixture of eggs and then coat them

In a pan, warm up 2 thirds of vegetable oil plus one-third of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Adding some extra virgin olive oil to the mix will ensure that the fried fish has a lighter taste. The oil should reach a temperature of around 160°C.

While the oil is warming up, dip each of the tuna chunks into the eggs mixture and then in the pistachio-corn breading. Don’t leave the breaded chunks in the dish for too long, just fry them immediately. Otherwise, the humidity of the fish will compromise the crunchiness of the pistachio crust. For this reason, it’s wiser to put the oil on the heat few minutes in advance.

Delicious chunks ready to be fried

Put the breaded chunks of tuna in the warm oil until they are toasted.

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Fry the chunks in hot oil

Turn the chunks and put them in a plate ones they have reached a perfect colour.

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Delicious brown chunks

Finally, put 2 spoons of Sundried Tomatoes Patè on a dish and the chunks on top. The match of the two flavours will be astonishing!

Enhance the taste of the fried tuna with delicious Sundried Tomatoes Patè

All done! Delicious!

Enjoy and…. Buon Appetito!!

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