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Why you should get "Novello" the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

  • It's at its peak in anti-oxidant and taste
  • It's available for only 2 months a year
  • This year is fantastic
  • Very low free acidity, that means that it is the best you can get
  • Delicious for dipping bread in or to mix in your salad

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What our customers say about our new extra virgin olive oil

This new season extra virgin olive oil is the most amazing oil I’ve ever used. I’m so glad I bought 3 bottles. Fabulous for cooking, salad dressings and putting some in the mashed potatoes instead of butter. Many thanks for an amazing product.

Kay Mulcahy

I've been using it for over  a year now.  I use it in salads and for cooking.  It has a lovely flavour to it and it lasts a long time.  I would recommend it to other

Michelle Eustace

The olive oil is really smooth and creamy on the tongue but peppery on swallowing, yum, yum!

Lisa Young

Beautiful flavour and taste, my child said is delicious , he is 5. I recommend this product to everyone who likes good quality food. Great value for money.

Anna Busiek

Why I say this is the freshest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Ireland?


Sunday, 3th November the olives are still on the trees.

The harvest will start the 4th November, in the morning.

A few hours after the olives will be at the mill "Frantoio" and will be cold pressed.

Then it will be bottled directly from the press as a proper fruit juice.

The bottles will be labeled, put in our boxes and ready to be dispatched.

All on the same day!

The next morning our courier will collect your "gold juice" from our supplier.

On Wednesday, 13th it will arrive in Ireland!

Thursday it could be on your table!

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Why is "Novello" so Special?

What our customers say about our olive oil

If you want to order by phone call me at 0851240340

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