I’m going to talk about olives and what makes these fruits special:-)

Foccacia with olives

My mother’s Foccacia with olives.

Olives can be pressed to extract their juices that you can enjoy at home and use on so many dishes as extra virgin olive oil. But I grew up going to the market with my father and buying some olives to bring at home to eat them as snack. In fact, olives can be pickled or dried and eaten as antipasto, mixed in different salads, on Focaccia like the one that my mother makes, or used as decoration for drinks and dishes.

Olive trees come from the family of evergreens. They can live for a long time. In Puglia,  it’s common to see thousand-year-old trees. They produce oval-shaped drupes (fruits that have one large pit at the center and surrounded with flesh).

Trivia about Olives

Here are some more facts about olives that you might want to know:

olives• Olives have existed since 3,000 BC. They were found inside the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs and were even mentioned in the bible.

• Olive trees can have a life span of up to 2,000 years. There’s also proof that a 3,000 old olive tree exists! However, to safeguard this old tree from the public, its exact location is kept secret.

• Spain and Italy are the largest producers of olives.

• All olives are first green and if left to ripen on the tree they will turn black.

Fried Fresh Olives

Fried Fresh Olives

• Raw fruits are bitter so they can’t be eaten directly from a tree. They need to be rubbed with salt and allowed to cure for several weeks, even months; or cured in a solution of water and salt for at least 3 months. Some varieties take much longer. But in my region, there exists a variety (the only one in the world) that can be eaten fresh. We fry them and they are delicious 🙂

• Not all varieties are good for the production of edible olives. In fact, some are good only for the production of olive oil while others are only for “Olive da tavola” or table olives 🙂

•Olives can be pickled by itself or stuffed with peppers, garlic or almonds.

My Father's olives

My Father’s olives

•When consumed regularly, these fruits can prevent you from having heart diseases or hypertension. They are rich sources of Vitamin E which can make your skin healthier and young-looking and other vitamins and minerals that can help your body fight infections and diseases.

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