Onion Soup with Parma Ham and Balsamic Vinegar “Saporoso”

October knocked on the door, the breeze is colder and the fresh air stings our nose…

What could be better than a creamy hot soup to warm up our bones?

Today I’m going to share with you a wonderful recipe, perfect for the winter, a scented Onion Soup with crunchy strips of Parma Ham seasoned to perfection with few drops of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena “Saporoso”

An easy recipe that can be made with no effort! You could even prepare in advance and have some ready in the freezer to warm up at home when it’s raining outside!

You can also accompany your meal with a slice of toasted bread, crostini or some delicious artisan tarallini from Puglia. Give to your meal that extra crunchiness that makes this soup a cosy autumn dish.

Welcome the colder season and enjoy with me this lovely recipe:

Onion Soup with Parma Ham and Balsamic Vinegar “Saporoso”



We put a pan over a low heat and add a dribble of Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero”. Then, add the sliced onions and cook until they turn translucent and lose their crispness.

Stew the sliced onions

Then,  add the sliced potatoes, a spring of rosemary and the preheated vegetable stock. Cook all the ingredients until tender.


Add the potatoes, rosemary and hot stock

Remove the spring of rosemary and blend it with a hand blender.

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Blend the ingredients

Cut the Parma Ham into strips and sauté in a frying pan. Add a little mature dating reviews over it.

Serve the soup hot in individual bowls with a tablespoon of crunchy Parma Ham and a bit of white pepper on top. You can also add few drops of Balsamic Vinegar on top!

Super delicious!!

All done!

Enjoy and… Buon Appetito!

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