balsamic vinegar of modena vs balsamic vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena vs Balsamic Vinegar

If there’s one thing we can probably all agree on is that balsamic vinegar is a delicious condiment, especially when it comes to Italian cuisine. You might have one or two go-to balsamic vinegars that you use and love, maybe one of them is a Modena balsamic vinegar, but you probably can’t understand the difference…

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vegetarian pasta bake

Vegetarian Pasta Recipe: Sweet Peppers Pasta Bake

Recipe for Vegetarian Pasta: Sweet Peppers Pasta Bake If you are vegetarian, you are always googling vegetarian pasta recipe, I get you. I’m mostly vegetarian too (hi, Alessia speaking :). Here on the blog, we have many vegetarian pasta recipes, as well as other non pasta ones. And this one is another great one to…

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No wonder we love cherry tomato pasta so much.. Other than the fact that nothing beats the sweetness and juiciness of a cherry tomato, did you know they are chock full of vitamins and minerals? Why Are Cherry Tomatoes Good For You? ‘Cherry tomatoes are rich in calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. They’re also high…

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lemon artichoke pasta

Lemon Artichoke Pasta tasty.

Lemon Artichoke Pasta tasty Need a quick but tasty pasta salad? Try this lemon artichoke pasta ready, in 15 minutes. You can enjoy this for lunch or dinner, whenever you are short on time. It’s a 5 ingredients recipe full of taste. Let’s make it! Ingredients (2 portions) Farfalle Allegre bow tie pasta, half pack…

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amaretto gelato

Amaretto Gelato with Balsamic Peaches

Amaretto Gelato with Balsamic Peaches Ready for a delightful ice cream you can make at home? Amaretto Gelato here we come!! Don’t worry, we are not making it from scratch. We will be elevating a plain vanilla ice cream, and taking it to a gourmet level. Ingredients (for 2 people) Vanilla ice cream (250 gr)…

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Ice cream cake

Ice Cream Cake with Pistachios di Bronte

Ice Cream Cake with Pistachios di Bronte It’s Summer, temperatures have reached a record here in Ireland, so it’s obvious we are sharing an ice cream cake this week :)!! It’s a treat all the family will enjoy. Just be prepared you might need some patience for this one (simply because of the layers). Read…

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gnocchi salad

Gnocchi Salad with Sweet Peppers

Gnocchi Salad with Sweet Peppers Pasta salads are perfect for this time of year, and today we have a special one. It’s a Gnocchi Salad with Sweet Peppers Spread. You can make this in under 15 minutes and put on your table a delicious and unique dish. Let’s make it. Ingredients (for 2 people) 1…

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spaghetti abruzzesi

Spaghetti Abruzzesi

Spaghetti Abruzzesi Today we are making a quick, easy, and delicious spaghetti recipe. We are calling it Spaghetti Abruzzesi. This is a recipe inspired by Abruzzo, its popular pasta recipes, and its renowned Zafferano or Saffron. If you like carbonara and enjoy saffron, you are going to really like this one. Let’s make it, shall…

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fettucce al limone

Fettucce al Limone (Lemon Fettucce)

If you like tagliatelle or fettucce, Fettucce al limone is an easy recipe that is perfect for those busy or lazy Summer nights. With just a few key ingredients in your pantry and your fridge/freezer, you can create a gourmet pasta in under 20 minutes. Sounds good? Then, let’s make it. Ingredients (makes 2 portions)…

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spicy burger

Spicy Burger (a homemade burger recipe)

Spicy Burger (a homemade burger recipe) Feeling like something spicy? How about making a spicy burger with this homemade burger recipe? It’s tasty, and also quick and easy. This is perfect for Fridays and Saturdays evenings when you are feeling like a takeout but want to eat healthy. If that sounds good, let’s get started!…

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