Calzone with tomato, ham and cheese (mini for antipasti)

Calzone with tomato, ham and cheese (mini for antipasti) If you are planning to host more get togethers, you should consider adding this calzone with tomato, ham and cheese to your Italian repertoire of antipasti and appetizer food. Keep reading to get this easy recipe. Ingredients Ready to use pizza dough Country basil sauce Good…

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Bruschetta recipes – 3 delicious Italian toppings

Bruschetta Recipes – 3 delicious Italian toppings Do you love having bruschetta in Italian restaurants, and would like to make it at home? Here are 3 easy Italian bruschetta recipes that you can make and enjoy at home. These make a tasty appetizer that everyone will enjoy. Here are the 3 recipes: Classic tomato bruschetta…

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Amatriciana pasta – a simple Italian pasta recipe

Amatriciana pasta – a simple Italian pasta recipe Loading… The origins of the amatriciana are not clear. However, we know for sure it comes from the Lazio region in Italy. In fact, it is one of the most popular Italian recipes. If you like tomatoes, bacon and cheese this is the pasta for you, so…

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mac and cheese

Mac and Cheese all’Italiana (Italian Style)

Mac and Cheese all’Italiana (Italian style) Loading… If you are a cheese lover, you probably love mac and cheese, so today it’s your day! I am sharing not one but two variations of mac and cheese Italian style, one for vegetarians and one for meat eaters. However, feel free to incorporate both variations and make…

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pesto pasta for summer

Pesto Pasta for Summer

Pesto Pasta for Summer featuring pesto, cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella Loading… Pesto pasta it’s and Italian classic, but today we are going to make a pesto pasta salad which is perfect for Summer lunch, dinner, parties, barbeques, and any alfresco meal. This one features penne, green pesto, cherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella. Ingredients 120…

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Vegan pasta – not your usual tomato pasta

Vegan pasta – not your usual tomato pasta Loading… This vegan pasta is an amazing one as it can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s simple, delicious, made with genuine Italian products…and yet it’s not your usual tomato pasta. So it’s perfect to please a crowd while still being different. Keep reading to learn how to…

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chicken pasta bake

Chicken pasta bake

Chicken pasta bake Loading… If you are looking for a new pasta recipe that is going to impress your guests, yet easy to make you have just found it. This chicken pasta bake is not your usual Italian tomato pasta, and because it includes protein makes the perfect filling dish which you can serve in…

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Salad dressing & an easy salad recipe

Salad Dressing & an easy salad recipe Loading… With Summer approaching salads become that easy dish you can prepare to accompany any maincourse, or eat on their own for a light and quick lunch. Independently of what you eat them with, the most important thing is that they taste delicious. Today we will share with…

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Farfalle with ricotta cheese sauce

Farfalle with ricotta cheese sauce Loading… Today we are sharing with you a delicious farfalle pasta that can be ready in 20 minutes or even less. It’s a tomato based pasta sauce with ricotta cheese that is full of flavour, simple and easy to make. It makes the perfect dish for weekdays dinners when you…

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Capers stuffed peppers

Capers stuffed peppers Loading… Add these capers stuffed peppers to your stuffed vegetables repertoire. With Summer approaching stuffed vegetables become a staple in many kitchens, especially since you can eat them both out of the oven or cold the next day. Here is a recipe that you can use with peppers but also other vegetables,…

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