Every Christmas, my mother prepares the “Purcedduzzi” – small pieces of dough which are either deep-fried or baked. Then, covered with honey and sugar sprinkles.

The recipe is quite easy to prepare. You can even do it with a little help from your children. Enjoy!



500g all purpose flour ( Perfect if you can find Italian 00)

50g Sugar

100g Extra virgin Olive oil

a pinch of salt

White wine

1 Tbsp of baking powder (my mother uses half a cube of beer yeast which is widely available in Italy)

Oil for frying

250g of honey for coating

100g of toasted almond

Colourful sugar sprinkles


On a working table, pour the flour.  In the centre, put the sugar, oil, and salt. Begin to knead slowly. Add the wine that the dough requires until you get a smooth and compact dough. Let the dough stand for 30 minutes.

After this time, dust the table with some flour and work on a small piece of dough. Shape it in a sausage-like roll of 2-3 cm. Do the same for the remaining dough.

Cut each sausage-like roll into small pieces. Press each piece with a fork with the head down. This will create ridges on one side and a small hole on the other.  Here’s a video I made for preparing gnocchi, you can do the same with purcedduzzi.

Once all the purcedduzzi are ready, heat the oil and fry them until golden brown. Dry them on paper towels.

Or, you can bake them at 180 for 20 min. Baking the purcedduzzi will make them lighter but they will have a harder consistency.

Last step: In a large saucepan, melt the honey at low temperature. Then add all the purcedduzzi, the almonds (previously toasted) and half of the sugar sprinkles. Mix well. Serve it in small plates and top with sugar sprinkles.

NOTE: You can preserve the purcedduzzi at ambient temperature for a week or two.

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