Seafood Spaghetti ready

Seafood spaghetti is a delicious dish to enjoy any time of the year.  It is so good that even people who don’t like fish appreciate it. This dish is perfect for a romantic dinner since seafood is well known in the Mediterranean countries to be a strong aphrodisiac!

Seafood spaghetti has its origin in South Italy, where the sea is rich in fish, clams and mussels, but you can actually find it in all the Italian cities situated along the coast.  During the summer, seafood spaghetti is one of the most requested dishes in restaurants, where it is prepared with fresh ingredients and often comes after a rich seafood salad antipasti.

In North Europe it is sometimes difficult to find good fresh prawns, mussels and clams, which are the main ingredients of our dish. But no worries!  You can also have awesome results using  good frozen seafood.

Just follow the steps of this recipe and you are going to have a tasteful dinner!



–        Serve this dish with Italian white wine like Greco di Tufo.

–        Don’t add too much chilli, because it is already in “Pronto spaghetti”. Actually if you are not a big fan of spicy food, don’t add chilli at all.

–        For a rich dinner with friends you can serve our “Seafood Salad” as Antipasti. It is a lovely starter and the best introduction to spaghetti ai frutti di mare!!

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