I’m writing to you about a new service I am about to launch. I'd like you to know about it first because you've been a good customer of mine.  I also feel that you, more than anyone, will appreciate it.

Why do I say this?  Well, correct me if I am wrong but I think that:

1) You are surely a lover of the finest foods

2) Stories about the food you eat spark your curiosity

3) You are passionate about combinations of flavours

4) You care about preserving traditions and environment

5) You like to experiment with new ingredients

If my description of you was correct then please read on

My news begins with an organisation in Italy called Slow Food which promotes natural and healthy alternatives to fast food. They have identified 300 food products worldwide which are at risk of extinction.

These are tiny rural enterprises which can usually be found in just one remote village.  Untouched by modernity, they still practise production methods which are hundred and even thousands of years old.


Let me give you am example.

Unlike any other cured ham you will ever taste

"Capocollo di Martina Franca”, is a cured ham with unique characteristics. In the past, I have imported this delicious delicacy for the enjoyment of some of my customers like you.

Capocollo di Martina Franca is made from pork that is typical in my area. The local pigs eat only the big acorns that grow on a kind of oak trees that can only be found in Puglia.  The Capocollo is made only from the meat of the neck of pig. It is marinated in cooked white grape must and then smoked using the same oak wood that the pork was eating the acorn of.  The result? A cured ham that melts in your mouth.

Savour the same delicacy that was enjoyed by the Romans

Another example is the Roman Countryside Caciofiore. It is a cheese produced with raw sheep milk and vegetable rennet obtained from the artichokes’ flowers commonly found in the countryside around Rome. This delectable cheese is made in the same way Romans used to do as reported in a document dated 50BC.

There are many other examples of foods that are not available here in Ireland but can fire your imagination and delight your tastebuds like:

The Murgia Carsica Black Chickpea has more proteins and minerals than other varieties. And it is magnificent when served in the classic Puglian dish pasta et Cecce.

The Castellammare Purple Artichoke is known for its sweetness, tenderness and health properties.

The Ceglie Almond Biscuit is made with 70% almonds, cherry marmalade and “rosily” typical homemade liquor.

Your opinion can make or break this enterprise

You probably already got my idea. Yes, I am planning to import some of the most appetising and unusual products to Ireland and make them available to lovers of fine food like yourself.

However, as you know, I am a small businessman and I cannot make the next step unless I know that there are individuals like you who will be interested in this service.

If you are interested in this service then please follow this link and leave your Name and Email.

I will then keep you informed about the progress of this project - and guarantee that you are among the very first to benefit from it.



Franco "Gusto" Pastore

I like the idea of sampling some of Italy's rarest and most delicious delicacies!

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