Spicy Burger (a homemade burger recipe)

Spicy Burger (a homemade burger recipe)

Feeling like something spicy? How about making a spicy burger with this homemade burger recipe? It’s tasty, and also quick and easy. This is perfect for Fridays and Saturdays evenings when you are feeling like a takeout but want to eat healthy. If that sounds good, let’s get started!

Ingredients (makes 2 burgers)

250 grams beef mince (makes 2 large patties or 3 medium)
1/4 onion
2 medium tomatoes
1/2 to 1 teaspoon Belmorso hot chilli pepper spread (depending on how spicy you like it)
a half handful of parsley
2 burger buns
2 cheese slices
parmesan block
your favourite salad (we are using mixed)
Belmorso extra virgin olive oil


Start by cutting your onion, and set aside.


Then take your minced beef, season it with salt and pepper, and add the sweet chilli pepper spread. Mix well.


Next, add the onions and parsley, and a few drizzles of extra virgin olive oil (about half a tablespoon). Mix well to combine.

Shape your minced mixture into burger patties. Try to leave them slightly thick if you like a rustic look and consistency.

Transfer to a dish and bake in the oven for 40 minutes.

In the meantime, cut your tomatoes into medium thick slices. And prepare the parmesan shavings using a potato peeler.

Then, slice your buns.

And don’t forget to prepare your salad. You can season it now but we suggest you drizzle the extra virgin olive oil before serving it.

Once the burgers are ready, toast the buns in the oven under the grill.

It’s time to assemble. This is the way we layered them – start with the cheese slice, then layer the tomatoes, next drizzle some extra virgin olive oil, add the homemade burger batty, and finish with the parmesan shavings.

If you like it extra spicy, you can spread some hot chilli pepper spread on the top bun, otherwise you can replace it with ketchup.

Time to enjoy


If you like gherkins in your burger, we suggest trying replacing them with these Italian home-style zucchini. They really go hand in hand with the hot chilli pepper spread.

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