Stuffed Cuttlefish with White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”

Are you ready to try one of our most delicate and exquisite recipes?

Today we have a delicious traditional recipe from the region of Puglia: Stuffed Cuttlefish. In Italian, “Seppie Ripiene”.

The meat of this fish is healthy and nutritious. In the pulp of cuttlefish, you can find vitamins D, E, A, B6, B12, fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6, selenium, potassium, iodine, phosphorus, iron and easy digestive protein.

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The meat of cuttlefish is tender the taste can’t get any better than stuffed with delicious Oven-Dried Black Olives and capers. But the real secret of this recipe is the unique taste of White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”.

Prelibato, the white balsamic condiment, made using the best part of the grape “Trebbiano Modenese”, crushed in a soft and slow process to obtain the crushing transparent juice. Then, the juice is centrifuged to make it dense without cooking and aged in ash barrels for 5 years. The delicate aroma and its clear colour are due to the ash woods.

Sprinkle few drops on fish, crustacean, molluscs, caviar and on all type of fresh fruit and you will be amazed!

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Stuffed Cuttlefish with White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”

Ingredients for 2 people:


Prepare the cuttlefish, removing the hard parts and the ink. Then, separate the 8 largest pieces from the tentacles and set aside.

Clean and prepare the cuttlefishes

Chop coarsely the tentacles and any remainder.

Chop the tentacles

Chopped the hookup dating website, garlic and parsley.

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Mince the garlic, parsley and the oven dried black olives.

In a bowl mix all the chopped ingredients including the cuttlefish tentacles with capers, egg, grated pecorino, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper.

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Make the filling ingredients

Stir all together, to obtain a soft mixture.

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Stir all the ingredients together

Fill the cuttlefishes with the mixture.

Stuff the cuttlefishes

Close the cuttlefish with wooden sticks and put them in a baking pot with a little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and white wine. Add also few chopped cherry tomatoes and diced black olives, to obtain a delicious sauce.

Close the cuttlefishes and prepare the dressing

Bake in the oven at 190°C for 40-45 minutes. Then, sprinkle on top the White Balsamic Vinegar “Prelibato”.


All done! Serve warm and … Buon Appetito!


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