Here’s the complete list of all the newsletters I’ve published so far. Enjoy!!!

Newsletter 001 
Our first newsletter was about a tasty recipe called Pappardelle with Asparagus, Peas and Artichokes., some trivia about Artichokes, and of course, the highly-confidential information about cooking pasta. Here, all the secrets are revealed. Password: pastasecrets

Newsletter 002
On our second newsletter, I gave another recipe, Caponata Siciliana; plus some trivia about Aubergines and tips on when to add herbs and spices when cooking.

Newsletter 003 
The third edition of Taste with Gusto newsletter was about a very summery  recipe  from my friend  Marco Roccasalvo,  “Insalata di riso“. It also gave Garlic facts and insights about brown pasta and which pasta is better to use – fresh or dried.
Newsletter 004 
A delicious step by step recipe that’s perfect for the Irish summer, Fettuccia with asparagus and sundried tomato pesto was the highlight of Newsletter 004. It also gave trivia about period due date and some dating site for millionaires on how to clean mussles.

Newsletter 005 
In this issue, I shared one of my favourite and easiest recipes that require one of our best sellers, “Crema di peperoni“. That recipe is called Chicken breast rolls with pepper spread.  Plus, some Basil facts that you might not know.
Newsletter 006 
An Italian like me naturally longs for some treats that I can only find at home. But since I had an intense desire to eat Orecchiette with “Cime di Rapa”, I adapted this recipe here with the use of Broccoli that are from the same family of Cime.  And if you are curious about Broccoli and all its health benefits, here  is where you will find an interesting article.

Newsletter 007 
In this newsletter, I shared an antipasto that I LOVE, even though it’s not very “Pugliese” because it comes from the North of Italy. And I also shared some very juicy trivia about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, dubbed as the liquid gold.

Newsletter 008
Seafood spaghetti with the use of my favourite sauce, “Pronto Spaghetti”, was featured in TWG’s 8th newsletter; plus facts about Sun-dried tomato and all its secrets here.
Newsletter 009
On the first week of September, I gave a delicious recipe, Fettucce al Ragu Bolognese . Oh, and did you know that chilli was and is still called little devil?
Newsletter 010 
In newsletter 010, I gave a step-by-step, picture-based recipe of  Tarallini, the snack that even my grandfather used to eat 😉 and trivia about  Durum Wheat. Plus, I wrote an article about how specific vegetable cuts are called.

This is the summary of all our published newsletters. More to come!!!

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