Baked asparagus Milanese style

Baked asparagus Milanese style Loading… Baked asparagus Milanese style is a classic Italian recipe, prepared with asparagus and eggs. We cook the asparagus in the oven, which makes them crunchy outside, but juicy and tender inside. Eggs add a delicate flavor that also transforms this simple dish into a main course. Ingredients for 2 people…

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Salmon Fillets with Asparagus Patè and Seeds Crust

Do you like salmon fillets? It is one of my favourite dishes!  Not only for the exceptional nutritional value that can provide including omega-3,  fatty acids and selenium.  But also because the meat of salmon is so tender and soft. Salmon can be cooked in many different ways: grilled, fried, steamed… but my favourite one is…

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