Chocolate balsamic cake

Chocolate balsamic cake Loading… This light version of a classic chocolate cake has a secret ingredient: balsamic vinegar. This makes the cake moist and original. It is relatively low in calories, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ingredients for a cake of 8 portions: flour 200 gr. brown sugar 100 gr. powdered cocoa powder 3,5…

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Baked aubergines with balsamic vinegar, mint, and lemon

Baked aubergines with balsamic vinegar, mint, and lemon are a feast for your taste buds. Loading… They are great to accompany meat, fish, cheese or a coloured bruschetta with asparagus paté– as we did.  This recipe is an ace in the hole when you have unexpected guests (even vegan or vegetarian guests). You will be…

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Chicken with Balsamic vinegar and oranges Loading… You will begin to love chicken with balsamic vinegar and oranges while you are cooking it.  The combination of oranges, rosemary, and balsamic vinegar will fill your kitchen with a heavenly aroma. Then, after you taste it, you will not want to wait to serve it to your…

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