making an omelette

Making an omelette the Italian way

Making an omelette the Italian way Have you ever wondered what an Italian breakfast might look like? Well, in short Italians like their breakfast small and sweet. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a savoury breakfast. Many Italians, like most people across the world, eat eggs in the morning when they want a…

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Baked asparagus Milanese style

Baked asparagus Milanese style Loading… Baked asparagus Milanese style is a classic Italian recipe, prepared with asparagus and eggs. We cook the asparagus in the oven, which makes them crunchy outside, but juicy and tender inside. Eggs add a delicate flavor that also transforms this simple dish into a main course. Ingredients for 2 people…

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Looking for delicious breakfast idea? If you are tired of the traditional omelette or scrambled egg, this recipe is perfect for you! Here is a golden delicacy, a fanciful recipe, a common dish done uncommonly well 🙂 A recipe that will remind you of your childhood. Dipping a slice of toasted bread in the soft yolk of an egg but this time..…

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