Baked pears in wine and balsamic vinegar

Baked pears in wine and balsamic vinegar Loading… Baked pears in wine and balsamic vinegar are an original alternative for a healthy Easter dessert. When cooked in the oven they are quickly and easily prepared, and they are always delicious. This recipe is glutenfree and suitable for a vegan diet.   Ingredients (4 people) pears…

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Caprese cake (flourless cake)

Caprese cake (flourless cake) Loading… The Caprese cake is a chocolate cake with a soft heart and a light crust outside. Made with almond flour, eggs, dark chocolate, and a little more, the Caprese is a traditional dessert from Capri Island. Naturally gluten-free, this cake is easy and quick to prepare. Ingredients almond flour 250 gm. dark…

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Baked Bolognese rice cake The  “baked Bolognese rice cake” (also called “decorations cake”) is a typical sweet belonging to the culinary tradition of Bologna. It was prepared during the “Feast of decorations”, a festival established in occasion of the tenth anniversary of a parish. The name derives from the custom families had of hanging colored…

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