farfalle pasta with simple pasta sauce

Farfalle pasta with simple pasta sauce (pronto spaghetti)

Farfalle pasta with simple pasta sauce Today’s recipe is all about making a tasty meal when you are either in a rush or can’t bother to cook for long. We are making a farfalle pasta with simple pasta sauce. The key is using high quality ingredients like our Belmorso farfalle pasta and sundried tomato pesto…

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tiktok feta tomato pasta

Vegetarian Pasta Bake – Our Take on Feta Tomato Pasta

Vegetarian Pasta Bake – Our Take on Feta Tomato Pasta Today’s recipe is very simple but unbelievably tasty. It’s a vegetarian pasta bake full of flavour but also pretty healthy. It’s our take on feta tomato pasta that took Tiktok by storm. Obviously, we are not going to use feta cheese and we are using…

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Beef Broth with Orecchiette Pasta Beef broth is the perfect weekday dinner for those cold days. Imagine having a warm bowl of beef broth when you come from work.. and to make it even better we are adding a traditional Italian pasta which comes from Puglia, and is called orecchiette. Ingredients 2 medium onions a…

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vegetarian lasagna

Vegetarian Lasagna with Italian flavours

Vegetarian Lasagna with Italian flavours If you are vegetarian you might miss eating the traditional lasagna with the bolognese sauce. In reality, you don’t have to as you can make yourself a really tasty meat free vegetarian lasagna. And in this recipe we will show you how, step by step from making your vegetarian bolognese…

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Arlecchino Black Squid Ink Spaghetti

Spring is the ultimate season for fresh produce. Give to your table a multicoloured look with this super delicious Arlecchino Spaghetti! Why “Arlecchino”? Arlecchino is one of the most famous characters of the Carnival of Naples who wears a multicoloured suit. We’re going to toss our Black Squid Ink Spaghetti with a fresh dressing full of colourful vegetables,…

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Five-Tomatoes Sauce “Bucatini”

How to make a special tomato sauce? Tomato Sauce is probably one of the most famous recipes of Italy! Its simplicity is the taste. There are many ways to cook a delicious tomato sauce… but this one is definitely a special one! We are going to use 5 different types of tomatoes: fresh cherry tomatoes, tomato…

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Straccetti (Sliced) Beef with Artichokes

Straccetti (Sliced) Beef with artichokes is the perfect recipe for those days when you are not in the mood or you don’t have any time to cook.

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Autumnal Paccheri Filled with Fresh Sausage, Radicchio and Leek

Autumnal Paccheri Filled with Sausage, Radicchio and Leek is not a light dish, but it is tasty and healthy.

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The Pasta Teller: Chapter 4 – Paccheri

The Paccheri is a traditional kind of pasta from Naples, shaped as giant maccheroni, usually made with durum wheat and water. Origins Once upon a time, it was known as the “pasta of the poor” because they are so big that just a few paccheri were enough to fill your tummy. The origin of the name…

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Italian Fast Food

The frenetic rhythm of modern life makes us accept most of the processed fast food that we buy at supermarkets as good. After reading this short post, you will be able to make something that tastes good and will take less time to prepare than the prepared meal bought at the supermarket, put it in…

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