Roasted cod with potatoes

Roasted cod with potatoes Loading… Baked cod with potatoes is a simple and refined dish. This second course can be prepared in 30 minutes by using simple ingredients. Just choose fresh fish, excellent potatoes, and quality extra virgin olive oil. Also suitable for children, this recipe is gluten free. Ingredients 3 medium potatoes, peeled and…

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Potatoes Nets with Artichokes, Bacon and Cheese

There are so many ways to cook potatoes but here is an innovative idea to will amaze your guests with a delicious, quick and easy recipe. Give to your table a creative look and a boost of taste!   For my recipe, I used a delicious Jar of Grandmother’s Recipe Artichokes. The high levels of antioxidants make these…

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Here’s my italian rich version of delicious baked potatoes. Always a treat – they go very well with chicken, vegetables or by themselves as appetizer or snack! The Italian touch is given by scrumptious Sundried Tomatoes! Loved by adults and children they are the perfect solution for a yummy meal and are appreciated by everyone.. you won’t…

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Gratin of potatoes, mushrooms and onions

Gratin of potatoes, mushrooms and onions is one of the traditional recipes from the Bari area in Puglia, locally known as the “Tiella of Patate e Funghi”.

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