focaccia recipe

Focaccia recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Focaccia Recipe with Belmorso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Today’s focaccia recipe is inspired by the British Bake Off 2021, and the winner Giuseppe Dell’ Anno. During Bread Week, Giuseppe made a scrumptious Italian focaccia featuring tomatoes and artichokes among other very Italian ingredients. And it was so good that he got a hand shake from…

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Italian Brunch Savoury Croissants

Croissant or “Cornetti” as we call it in Italy, are a staple of Italian breakfast. In every Italian bar, the morning starts with a large crowd holding a cappuccino in one hand and a cornetto in the other one. But the recipe that I have for you today another story… Today, I have prepared for you delicious savoury croissants which…

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Are you planning a party with your family or friends? Today I have for you a delicious recipe that can look great as part of any party platter… a tasty snack cloaked in breadcrumbs for extra crunch! These Paprika Bean-Balls with Garlic Patè will have you salivating! If you’re on a gluten-free diet, you can just replace the wheat…