I will teach you a simple recipe that you can make by yourself or with the help of your children 🙂

My grandfather used to love this snack with a piece of salami or cheese. He especially enjoyed it when he was at work because it’s very tasty, easy to transport and a good source of energy.

How to Make Tarallini

Enjoy :-)

If you are preparing dinner for your friends and you want to surprise them with an aperitif that’s crunchy and tasty that you made with your own hands, why not make Tarallini? It’s a snack that’s typical in Puglia and very easy to prepare. Enjoy it as it is with a beer or glass of wine or as a bread stick to scoop dips or accompany olives or sun-dried tomatoes. Your friends will definitely love it!!!

The Tarallini has only four ingredients –  plus flavouring of your choice.

250 gr Flour all purpose (if Italian Type 00)

60 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100 ml of dry white wine

7 gr of salt

As flavouring, you can use pepper or fennel seed or chilli (these are the most common in Puglia)

Here’s how to make them:

A variation to the traditional recipe is to bake them directly without boiling them. The result will be delicious but not so crunchy. Try both and let me know which one you prefer.

If you want to enjoy the tarallini at any time, remember that you can order them here or find them at the markets.


  • Siofra

    Reply Reply

    Thanks a million for all these ideas an tips – great stuff

    • Franco Gusto

      Reply Reply

      Thank you, Siofra!

  • Roberta

    Reply Reply

    Franco, grazie mille per tutte le ricette, in particolare questa
    dei tarallini, li ho fatti ieri con le bambine e, oltre ad essere stato divertente, sono venuti buonissimi! Ho usato l’ EVO Il Vero di Santeramo, aiutoooo non riesco più’ a smettere!!!!

    • Franco Gusto

      Reply Reply

      Mi fa molto piacere che ti sia piaciuta questa ricetta, puoi usare lo stesso impasto per fare delle focaccine ripiene con marmellata (solitamente di uva) e noci, mia madre le fa sempre 😉

  • Trudie

    Reply Reply

    Hi Franco, I made pasta with a jar of your asparagus mix and smoked salmon as suggested Delicious!!

  • Marèe Maher

    Reply Reply

    Thank you Franco,

    Will have to try both recipes, they sound delicious.

    Enjoy your vacation.

    Kind regards,

  • Nick

    Reply Reply

    I’ve just made these as I absolutely love tarallini since I was introduced to them in an Italian bar.

    These are delicious but I think mine might be a bit overbaked.

    What temperature would you bake these at? You’ve included the timing I t he recipe but no temperature.


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