The Dinette Teller – 32. Places you need to visit in Italy Part 2

Last week we discovered together Places you need to visit in Italy – Part 1  travelling through the northern regions. This time, let’s find out the treasures of the middle and southern part of Italy!

As you may have noticed, the 10 spots that we saw in North Italy are characterised by mountain sights and lake views. While we go over the 10 most beautiful spots in the South, we’ll see more locations by the sea.

11. Marmore Falls – Umbria

The Marmore Waterfalls are immersed in a natural scenery of incomparable beauty: the Nera River Park. A mass of water that falls from a height of 165 metres. For about 50 years the water of the Waterfall has been used to fuel the hydroelectric plants nearby.

Marmore Falls

The legend says that a nymph named Nera fell in love with Velino, a handsome shepherd. But Juno, jealous of this love, turned the nymph into a river and this river took her name. At this point, Velino, who didn’t want to lose her, threw himself from the Marmore cliff. Then, his jump became the Marmore Falls…

12. Rome – Lazio

The capital of Italy.. not too much to add, excepting for the fact that this is an absolutely MUST-GO!

Fontana di Trevi in Rome

13. Rocca Calascio (Abruzzo)

Rocca Calascio is a mountaintop fortress or rocca in the Province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo, Italy.

At an elevation of 1,460 metres, Rocca Calascio is the highest fortress in the Apennines. Built of stone and masonry exclusively for military purposes. The fortress overlooks the Plain of Navelli at one of the highest points in the ancient Barony of Carapelle.

Rocca Calascio

14. Castelpetroso Sanctuary – Molise

An amazing place against the background of the mountains and the sky. The sanctuary appears with its fairy-like profile to the traveller. It has a huge multicoloured stained glass window that shines with a beauty beyond description.

Castelpetroso Sanctuary

This is one of the fascinating sanctuaries in Italy. It definitely worth a visit in Summer or Winter time!

15. Napoli – Campania

Italy’s third-largest city is one of its oldest, most artistic and fascinating places in the world. The historic centre of Naples’ is a Unesco World Heritage Site. This town is home to many archaeological treasures, palaces, castles and churches.

Naples is blessed with rich volcanic soils as well as blue oceans and centuries of culinary know-how. In addition, you can find not only the best pizza, pasta and coffee in Italy. But also, delicious seafood dishes, street snacks and sweet treats.

Don’t forget to swim in the sea.. a memorable trip!


16. Polignano a Mare – Puglia

The town is thought to be one of the most important ancient settlements in Puglia and a shining gem on the coast. It is located in a 20 metre-high steep cliff above the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. In fact, it could not be any more ‘at sea’!

For instance, you can wander around the logge (balconies) to see the crashing waves or visit the caves. Whichever happens, don’t forget to visit the cornetterias, a type of shop specialised in Italian croissants.

In any case, remember to eat some ice-cream. You really cannot miss it out on a hot summer’s evening!


Polignano a Mare

17. Matera (Basilicata)

Matera is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Italy. The town is famous for its extensive cave-dwelling districts, the sassi. In fact, curious visitors can also stay in caves and wander the lanes alongside the picturesque cave-filled cliffs.

The caves of Matera has been inhabited for centuries. In 1993 the town becomes a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Ever since Matera has become a popular tourist destination. Many old cave-houses have become comfortable modern dwellings, into hotels, B&Bs and restaurants.

18. Spiaggia di Arcomagno (Calabria)

A fairy hid tiny beach, with an extraordinary natural arch in the rock carved by the sea, the Arco Magno. In fact, you can only reach this area on foot. Ones you get there you can enjoy an extraordinary viewpoint. The perfect place to see its bays, islands, and granite cliffs.


19. Taormina – Sicily

Taormina is one of Sicily’s most popular summer destinations. The right place for those looking for a taste of Sicilian dolce vita.

The town merits a couple of days for its stunning ancient theatre, people watching and breathtaking vistas. Don’t miss the tasteful Sicilian delicacies such as granites and cannoli… absolutely delicious!

20. Cala Coticcio Beach – Sardegna

Located in the northeastern part of the island of Caprera. In particular, inside the Maddalena National Park. Moreover, It is known as the “Tahiti” of Sardinia. Above all, it is considered a real natural pool with fine white sand. Not to mention that this is one of the most beautiful little beaches in the Italy.


La Maddalena Natural Park and Cala Coticcio

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