The Dinette Teller – 42. I Olive You! A Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Part 2

In the last article, we spoke about olives. Today we’ll see together the properties and qualities of one of their most important products: The Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

“Olive Oil” and “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”: what’s the difference?

There is a wide range of olive oils, but not all of them are the same!

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the first olive pressing, without any additional treatment, except for the cleaning process that includes the removal of leaves or wooden sticks and the centrifugation and filtration process. These methods preserve the vitamins, antioxidants, phytosterols and the lipidic profile, characteristic from the olives. Moreover, the oleic acid must stay under 0.8g per 100g.

Our Novello Oil from the Mill

Instead, ordinary “Olive Oils” are obtained from oils produced from very bad quality olives that are most of the time collected from the ground and that are subjected to adjustment processes. After that, they only add a certain percentage of Virgin Olive Oil. This is done in order to give some flavour and colour to the product. Otherwise, it would be completely transparent and would not be possible to sell on the supermarket shelves!

Unfortunately, most of the properties of the oil are completely lost after these process. Therefore, the quality of the ordinary Olive Oils is similar to any other vegetable oils.

Tips on How to choose Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

– Distrust low-cost products

Be careful because Extra Virgin Olive Oil needs a quality control and it can only be made using specific processes that guarantee the highest quality. If you find it at a very affordable price… be suspicious!  It could be old, made of low-quality blends or even a fake one!

Only choose the good quality

  • – Read the labels

Labels have to show the brand name, manufacturing process, production site, expiration date and the organoleptic characteristics of the product. Labels must be clear, legible, and indelible. Don’t trust products with labels that don’t specify this information.

– Cold Press is the best

Cold press is made with olives, maintained at a temperature below 27 degrees. In this way, the oil can manifest the best of its qualities and properties.

– Preserve and Consume your Extra Virgin Olive Oil at its best

First, consume the freshest you can find. To prevent the deterioration of the extra virgin olive oil, it is important to store it in dark glass bottles, in a cool and dry place. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is amazing when eating raw, just with a slice of bread or vegetables. Anyway, it is also great for cooking and, surprisingly, also for frying, in Italy is very comune to fry with olive oil. In fact, Extra Virgin Olive Oil can resist very high temperatures, 215º is his point of smoke and the temperature to fry is 180º.


Organoleptic Properties

Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes 9 calories per gram as any other oil and it contains the 99,8% fat manly mono-saturated, that is a more stable fat molecule.  The remain 0.2% is made of vitamin E and K, minerals and antioxidants that reduce ageing.

Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest of the fats, and it is necessary to assume lipids through our diet. With no doubts, eating raw high-quality extra virgin olive oil on your salad is the healthiest and the best way to assume the recommended daily quantity of lipids.

Good for your Health

Besides it contains a good amount of minerals, such as Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Iron, and Zinc. Other important substances are polyphenols (antioxidants), flavonoids, carotene and acids, and many others.

Health Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • It reduces the bad cholesterol, thanks to the phytosterols, oleic and palmitic acids. French studies proved that the regular consumption of olive oil reduces the risk of brain stroke of 41%.
  • It reduces the blood pressure and the risk of heart attack of 30%. Polyphenols a vitamin E have an antioxidant action and they contribute in preventing arteriosclerosis and in lessening the ageing of cells.
  • Benefits in the prevention of arthritis and osteoporosis
  • Protective against Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
  • Cognitive Functions: the Olive Oil improve the visual memory and the verbal capability. It also protective against depression and Alzheimer, thanks to omega 3 fatty acids and oleocanthal, respectively. The oleocanthal is the substance which tickles your throat when eating olive oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties and may infer that it can have also some antitumoral actions.
  • It helps the digestive processes and prevents sepsis
  • Always Choose the Best!

  • If there is one brand that you can definitely trust that is Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero” If you love the delicious flavour of quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then you’re just going to LOVE this Il Vero; with its distinctive green-golden colour and delicious aroma, it is sure to give a strong Italian twist to even the simplest of dishes. It holds a pulp-like consistency with a fruity-floral flavour and slightly peppery aftertaste. This taste to the palate is a sign of the highest quality oil.
  • This delicious cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the finest antioxidant-rich Coratina olives which makes it a super overall health tonic. It is perfect for salads, on bruschetta or crostini; as a health tonic and infused with all your favourite Italian recipes. You can also use this oil to cook and fry.

  • Don’t forget that you can find this oil also in the new version: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Il Vero”
  • A different type of oil is the and its Organic version.
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    Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Caroli”

    The born out of great respect for nature. Thus, at Caroli’s farm, they are able to best use the natural resources of the land without causing any damage since they do not use fertilizers or chemical pesticides. They produce highly exceptional organic extra virgin olive oil that is harvested by hand or with only the use shakers and nets.

  • This sumptuous organic extra virgin olive oil holds a matt yellow-green colour. It has a delicately fruity flavour aided by a hint of sweet almond and artichoke.. it will tickle your throat! The density is medium fluid with a perfectly balanced pure olive aroma.
    Wonderful if eaten raw!

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