The Dinette Teller – 19. The Kitchen Of the Future

Deep inside the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, an international team of experts is designing a life changing technology for those that are hopeless in the kitchen.

Could you imagine a kitchen with built-in computers? Software that trawls the Internet to find recipes for delicate pastries or knives that raise the alarm if you’re hurrying your dinner. Even more, cameras that spy on your food!

The main objective of “the kitchen of the future” is to help people to get back into the kitchen and cook easier and quicker than ever before. Nowadays, people is too busy to cook. In fact, many eat on the move or get a takeaway. Following recipes can be an exercise in frustration. Not to mention washing the dishes afterwards!

How is this team of experts going to address these problems? Well, they built a kitchen with many different gadgets. For example, a dishwasher that dispenses the right number of plates, bowls and cups only when they’re needed, simply by pressing a button.

When the meal is over, the crockery is fed back into the machine, where it is crushed and melted down. This device works by forcing granules of polymer between two hotplates to produce thin plastic sheets. Each sheet is then suspended briefly over an infrared lamp and blow-moulded to shape.

Besides that Internet also has an important role to play in ” the kitchen of the future”. By installing an Internet-ready computer fitted with a camera the system will be able to answer questions like: “What on the Earth can I make with this lot?”. Wave the ingredients you have at the camera and the computer will find for you the most suitable recipes available in the cyberspace.

Even though it’s great to know what to cook following a recipe is not always so easy. Seeing that, this team of innovators has developed a smart spoon that analyses whatever it’s being used to stir. The spoon can be connected to a computer and programmed to follow a certain recipe.

The spoon takes readings from tiny temperature and pressure sensors. it can warm at each stage if your food is too hot or too cold. It will even tell you if you added to much salt!

Maybe you still need to regularly check the oven to make sure that you haven’t burnt the cake. But actually,  there will be a camera inside taking snapshots of your cake so you can check on it from a different room!

Altogether, today’s lifestyle may not be the most suitable to spend some time cooking. So only time can tell if the kitchen of the future will be able to implement their technologies to solve this problem.

Maybe one day you will be able to prepare our delicious Italian recipes without moving one finger!

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